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one helmet one bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mick No:8, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. Hi guys just a silly question, how many helmet is to many? Just got my bike a couple of days ago and just can't seem to stop buying stuff for it. I'm currenty wearing a Shark RSF2 notices that the padding is really thick and it can get hot durling riding. Should I go out and pay $300-$400 for another one with not so thick padding. I know that the helmet is suppots to mould to your head after aweek or so. I saw a KBC that I really like, can't decide weather to buy it or not? WHAT SHOULD I DO????? :roll:

  2. don't ask me..................I have six helmets and only one head :shock:
  3. I have three.

    If another helmet would make you happy, then go buy it :!:

    Any helmet will get hot during the warmer weather, and lots of padding will be nice for your head if you come off...
  4. +1

    It should be snug, else it doesn't protect you.
  5. Mick, I've got that same helmet. Yes, the headshell is massive, no, it doesn't get hot. You've got the ventilation system, plus you can just jar open the visor a little. Never been a problem. Of course, if you're looking for an excuse to burn cash, go for it :LOL:
  6. I was also thinking of getting another helmet when i was walking thru a bike shop and I just had a thought saying "wouldnt it b good if I had another one?" But with my current financial state I dont think I can afford one....
  7. Yeah go buy it if you like it.. If your passion is your bike, then the gear becomes part of the passion as well.. :grin:
  8. the more helmets the better :)
  9. Pay the rent and the bills first though . . .
  10. Yeah!! If you're in the mood for buying then I need a new Arai...jacket... hmm pants...let me see .... :grin: :grin:

    Are you going to pillion? then theres an excuse to buy another one? :)
  11. definately dont ask my old man i think he has atleast 10, i helped him move house the other week, and it was helmet box after helmet box, lol.
  12. I think it just my excuse to get other :grin: . The one in question is the KBC Force RR pilot design (with the nude chick on the side) really dig the chick :LOL:. But then I have read really bad/mix review on the KBC, here and else where. People have complain alot about the face shield broken off. Does any one here have a KBC force RR and could tell me more. I know they have up dated the shield on the new helmet, but which one is the Force RR one of them?
  13. Are you talking about the KBC VR2 Airborne?


    I don't think the Force RR is even sold in Australia, only the VR1, VR2 and TK8?
  14. i had 2 but gave one when sold my old bike. basically i just need 2. 1 for everyday street riding and one for track days or for the missus.
  15. I got 2:
    For summer - AGV Airtech, very light and lots of ventilation but rather noisy. And HJC, liked the large size visor... You'll find that 1 brand will have a better fit than others.
  16. i got 4 helmets
    you can never have too many
  17. I have one for me (XXL) and one for my wife and daughters for pillioning (XS). ;) It would be handy for me to have a second helmet just because I wear it every single day (except just now when my bike is sick) and it would be good for it to have time to air out now and then.
  18. Good to see I'm not the only big boofhead around here :rofl:
  19. Mate, the Diggers on Gallipoli died, so that you can have as many helmets as you bloody well like.
  20. Buy jeffs helmet that thing is sweet...... :cool: