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NSW One Handed

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by krabi, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. Hi Folks,
    Last week I was traveling the Newcastle Freeway in the afternoon and like many of us do, I at times ride with one hand on the throttle and rest the other on my lap/tank (I've got a gummy shoulder). I don't do this in suburban streets it's just a long straight freeway thing.
    Anyway, an unmarked highway patrol car rides my but and pulls me over 5 minutes later. ( I thought I got done for doing 120 in a 110) A very cranky police officer bailed me up and proceeded to tell me that riding with one hand was illegal, dangerous blah blah blah amongst other things how many motorcyclists I've seen killed blaha blaha blahh ( I got the impression he did not like motorcyclists), I just ate humble pie still thinking I got done for speeding. Anyhow, he took my license and came back and said he was not booking me for speeding, but was considering getting me for "not being in adequate control of a vehicle" for riding with one hand along the freeway, because animals could jump out and cars etc. It was worth 3 demerit points and a $350 fine.
    I think because I was compliant he chose not to book me.
    My question, is that a bullshit regulation he was trying to get me on or is it fair dinkum? I was under the impression that I had to at least have one hand on the bar at all times. Would a car driver get done for the same thing if they were going down the freeway with one hand on the wheel and the other relaxed on the side? I dodged that bullet, but I'm left a little confused as to the officer's interpretation of the regulation. I'm not after a moral argument that a bike rider should at all times response, but I'm more interested in the officer's contention that it is illegal.

  2. Was he a shortass? My money is on little man syndrome.

    You could have been as rude as you pleased and he wouldn't be able to get you on control without downright lying. He probably could have got you on a whole myriad of other minor offences just to ruin your day though.

    No, he was speaking through his ass, the only reason he pulled you over was to squirt his man juice everywhere because no female will take him.

    rIdING ON A mOtOrCyCLe
    The motorcycle rider must:
    • sit astride the rider’s seat facing forwards.
    • Wear a correctly fitted and securely fastened approved motorcycle
    • keep at least one hand on the handlebars.

    • keep both feet on the foot pegs (designed for use by the rider),
    when the motorcycle is moving.
  3. You have a very good case as he was WRONG it is not illegal
  4. I was under the impression it was legal (in QLD) to have one hand off the handlebars - and one on, provided this doesn't create any 'dangerous use of a motor vehicle' or anything, so no jousting stick in your free hand.
  5. It HAS to be legal, because otherwise you're breaking a law by using a hand signal to indicate a turn. That cop is a moron.
  6. Have a look at the bloke racing last weekend with 1 arm and 1 leg,the cop is an idiot.And they wounder why they get no respect.There was a thread on Adventure Rider about someone copping {sorry} crap about standing on the pegs while riding,just because you wear a uniform doesnt make you any smarter,its hard to argue when they have your licase in there hand though.
  7. Um hate to say it but the plod can book you for it. It's his call.
    You could try to fight it but even then I don't like the odds. The beak will be a strait ass and not a rider and probably agree with the plod.
    Your not meant to drive a car one handed either. Or with your knees while you hold your stubbie and light a cig :)
  8. I'd take it to court, and as long as I managed to get through without laughing at their retarded wigs that I cannot believe they still wear, I'd expect to win based on what the law actually says. If I didn't, I'd likely shit in two boxes and mail one to the cop and one to the judge the morning I'd leave the country.
  9. I wouldn't take it to court without legal representation.

    While the premis of our legal system is "innocent until proven guilty" I suspect this doesn't apply to traffic infringments.
  10. That cop would have a heart attack if he comes across Alan Zimmer (nobrakes on the forums)

    He doesn't actually have two hands :)
  11. The legal "system" is designed to screw over people like us, it's always an uphill battle when you're fighting statist aggression.
  12. Interesting thread. I was riding along one handed the other day and wondering if I could be booked for doing so. I figured they'd use the "failing to maintain proper control of the vehicle" charge if they wanted to be a complete prat. How do you win something like that, as it's totally subjective? It's your word against theirs.
  13. You either have to hope for a judge capable of rational thought who doesn't make decisions based on what the revenue generators want (fat chance), or the cop to not show up (they like overtime pay).

    Otherwise you're taking a stand based on principle which will likely result in you losing one of your hard-earned personal days at work, plus court costs and the fine, and they'll use the money they steal from you (and yes, it's theft as far as I'm concerned) to put more people out on the road to steal from others.
  14. Completely legal as long as you have one hand on the bars.

    I'd have gone to town on the cop if they tried that BS on me.
  15. Completely legal.
    I'd take this to court, but almost guarantee that it never went before " his honor".
    The police prosecutor would settle it reallllllly quickly...
    Contrary to the conspiracy theorists, the courts are NOT all out to get you....
  16. But I guarantee they will only drop it ONLY if the defendant doesn't pursue costs. So the innocent will still be out of pocket for a couple of grand because of a d!ckhead.

    Justice has been served?
  17. Let's not forget that the OP did not get booked. Which is about the outcome you should be able to expect, given that his actions were not illegal.

    However, there are many ways of acting legally which, nonetheless, will attract the attention of a bored or cranky cop who might otherwise not have bothered. Riding with one hand off the bars for an extended period is certainly one of them. Best to avoid doing it if you know there a plod around.
  18. Well he wasn't booked so it's not an issue then.
  19. Well, no it's not. Or not a new one at any rate. OP was acting legally and so, quite rightly, didn't get booked, therefore there is no need to take it to court and defend it.

    OP was, however, acting in a manner which differs from the norm and so attracted the attention of the plod, who then went fishing. That's been happening since Robert Peel instigated the first recognisable police force a couple of hundred years ago. Doesn't make it right but does make it predictable.
  20. Weren't there some rules brought in in QLD not long back relating to this? Something to do with being about dealing with stunting?

    On the other hand(...) momentarily taking a hand off for something at an appropriate time is fine, but resting your forarm on the tank for very long actually does mean you have less control of the bike should you need to react to something.