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One handed Riding NSW

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by banjodog, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. is it illigal to ride with only on hand in NSW???

  2. Unless they judge you to be out of control, then I think not.

    Driving with one hand isn't strictly illegal..

    Someone correct me?
  3. I met a guy on the w/end who has only one hand, but 2 arms and he was keen on a 1400GTR, nice chap :LOL:

    But.. he was telling me he's been riding a setup for the one hand for the past so many years (? forget how long), and he pondered on the GTR setup/changes... so I'd say it wasn't illegal if you only had one hand as this guy was doing it...
  4. I have a friend who rides and he only has one arm so I sure hope not! (yes he does have modified controls!)
  5. i think the important question come summer, is it illegal to wear thongs on a bike?

    ^ waits for people to jump on joke styled comment.

    Seriously though, anyone know?
  6. I was under the impression that you were supposed to have both hands on the bars, but it's probably one of things that you won't get pinged for unless you're cocking whilst doing it.
  7. Road Rule

    Australian Road Rules:
    271 Riding on motor bikes
    (1) The rider of a motor bike that is moving, or is stationary but
    not parked, must:
    (a) sit astride the rider’s seat facing forwards; and
    (b) ride with at least 1 hand on the handlebars; and
    (c) if the motor bike is moving — keep both feet on the
    footrests designed for use by the rider of the motor bike.

    from Here
  8. Re: Road Rule

    That's ridiculous!
  9. Re: Road Rule

    Yes indeedy. I can imagine having a crash and the bike seat comes off.. the highway rozzers would do you for not sitting on it :grin:
  10. Below are some letters written to the state bodies. Note however that a copper can fine you for not wearing footwear at his discretion. As for being a good idea - you twat! ;)


    Current to 3 May 2003
    An Alt.folklore.urban project


    ORIGINAL LETTER (My address details deleted.)
    5th December 2002


    Dear [..],

    This is a serious request.

    There is apparently a common misconception, that appears to be
    international in scope judging from various postings on the Internet,
    that driving a motor vehicle with bare feet is illegal.

    I am conducting research as to the legal status of this activity in

    Could you please advise if it is illegal to drive without shoes or
    other footwear in [STATE]?

    If so, could you please indicate what the relevant legislation is,
    and, if known, the reason for it.

    This being a matter of the law, the public interest and the public
    record, I wish to publish the text of any response you may provide.

    Yours sincerely,
    David Maddison


    NSW - New South Wales

    (No response received as of 3 May 2003)


    VIC - Victoria

    11 Dec 2002

    Dear Dr Maddison


    I am writing in response to your letter of 5 December 2002 to the
    Minister for Police and Emergency Services, the Hon André Haermeyer
    MP, concerning driving whilst barefoot. The Minister thanks you for
    your letter and has asked me to respond to you on his behalf.

    In your letter you ask whether or not it is illegal in Victoria to
    drive without wearing shoes or other footwear. There is no specific
    provision in Victorian legislation that prohibits driving whilst
    barefoot. However, In Victoria there is a general legal onus on the
    driver to drive safely.

    Section 65 of the Road Safety Act 1986 creates the offence of careless
    driving. A person who commits the offence of careless driving is
    liable to a penalty of up to a $1,200 fine for a first offence and a
    fine of up to $2,500 for a subsequent offence. Therefore, should a
    person be detected driving carelessly, the fact that the person was
    not wearing shoes or footwear would be a relevant circumstance
    considered in the charge of careless driving.

    If a person who was driving barefoot committed any other traffic
    offence, such as involvement in a rear-end collision, the legal onus
    would be upon that person to prove that they were driving safely and
    were not at fault.

    New laws about the treatment of personal information held by the State
    Government came into effect on 1 September 2002 with the introduction
    of the Information Privacy Act 2000. Please find attached a notice
    regarding the collection of and access to personal information.

    Yours sincerely

    Director, Justice Policy


    TAS - Tasmania

    24 Feb 2003

    Dear Dr Maddison,

    I refer to your correspondence questioning whether it is illegal to
    drive a motor vehicle in Tasmania with bare feet.

    I can advise that it is not an offence to drive with bare feet in this
    State. However, charges may result if an accident occurs as a direct
    result of the foot of a bare-foot driver slipping off the pedal of a

    The charge of "Drive without Proper Control" would be considered if
    the accident was attributed to the driver's lack of footwear.

    Yours Sincerely
    David Llewellyn MHA


    SA - South Australia

    15 Mar 2003

    Dear Dr Maddison,

    Thank you for your letter of 5 December 2002 to Ron Patrick Conlon MP,
    Minister for Police, regarding the legality of driving without shoes
    or other footwear. The Minister for Police has referred your
    correspondence to me as this matter is within my portfolio as Minister
    for Transport.

    Neither the Road Traffic Act 1961 nor the Australian Road Rules
    contain any provisions requiring drivers to wear footwear while
    driving. I am not aware of any other South Australian legislation
    containing such requirements.

    I trust the above information will assist your research into this
    matter .

    Yours sincerely
    For Michael Wright MP


    WA - Western Australia

    20 December 2002

    Dear Dr Maddison

    Thank you for your letter to the Minister for Police and Emergency
    Services, Hon. Michelle Roberts MLA, querying the regulations
    governing "barefeet" driving. As the Office of Road Safety provides
    information and advice concerning road traffic regulations, the
    Minister has asked that I respond to you directly.

    The Western Australian Road Traffic Code 2000 does not have a specific
    regulation banning the driving of a motor vehicle with no footwear. In
    this regard, a driver may drive without shoes or other footwear. There
    is, however, responsibility for the driver to have full control of the
    vehicle (Regulation 263). The choice of footwear may impact on this

    I hope this information is of assistance.

    Yours sincerely
    lain Cameron
    Executive Director


    NT - Northern Territory

    19 December 2002

    Dear Dr Maddison

    I refer to your letter dated 5 December 2002 to The Hon Paul
    Henderson, Minister for Police Fire and Emergency Services regarding
    the driving of motor vehicles with bare feet. Your correspondence was
    forwarded to my office for a response.

    On behalf of the Minister I advise that there is no legislation
    prohibiting this practice in the Northern Territory.

    D A Smith
    Assistant Commissioner
    Operations Command
    19 December 2002


    QLD - Queensland

    17 Feb 2003

    Dear Dr Maddison

    Thank you for your letter of 5 December 2002 seeking information about
    whether it is illegal in Queensland to drive a motor vehicle without

    I have taken up your query with the Assistant Commissioner, Operations
    Support Command, Queensland Police Service. The Assistant Commissioner
    has advised that there are no provisions in Queensland legislation
    that specifically prohibit driving a motor vehicle when not wearing
    shoes or another type of footwear.

    I trust this information is helpful.

    Yours sincerely
    Minister for Police and Corrective Services
    and Minister Assisting the Premier on the
    Carpentaria Minerals Province


    ACT - Australian Capital Territory

    20 December 2002

    Dear Dr Maddison

    Thank you for your letter of 5 December 2002 regarding barefoot

    There is no specific road transport legislation for the ACT relating
    to footwear that mayor may not be worn when operating a motor vehicle.

    However the Australian Road Rules (Rule 297) state in part "...A
    driver must not drive a vehicle unless the driver has proper control
    of the vehicle..." This is an offence provision.

    Should a driver not have proper control of his/her vehicle as a result
    of not wearing shoes or other footwear, then this may be considered an
    offence under the Australian Road Rules. The police have
    responsibility for interpretation and enforcement of these rules.

    If you wish to publish any text on this subject, you will find ACT
    road transport legislation and the Australian Road Rules at
    www.legislation.act.gov.au. Relevant acts and subordinate laws can be
    found under 'R' , and the Australian Road Rules are a notifiable
    instrument under the Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management)
    Act 1999.

    Should you require further information, please contact Jon Brosolo
    (Driver Licence Policy) on 620 77162.

    Thank you for your interest in this matter.

    Yours sincerely
    David Quinlan
    Manager (Driver and Vehicle Policy)
    Road Transport
    10 December 2002
  11. that has to be the most comprehensive response to a forum post i have ever seen. totally awesome.
  12. I've done a few hundred k's with 1 hand on the throttle, 1 on my chin, and an elbow on the tank :)
  13. +1
  14. you must know where all the really smooth roads are! I don't think I could handle giving myself repeated uppercuts for a few hundred km!

    (edit: spelling)
  15. Training technique :p

    You get bloody good at dodging pot-holes only steering with one hand :grin:
  16. please oh wise ktulu, teach me how to dodge potholes out near wollombi :D
  17. You're going to have to upgrade.

  18. me too. mostly after learning to ride at designated Provisional speed limits (read also: bored shitless)

    bike cop overtook me on the highway one day while i was doing it. gave me the nod, and he zoomed off
  19. such an alien concept.
    writing letters to the Man when you haven't done anything wrong