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One handed riding make you BETTER!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by whoguy, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Just seen just about every biker I pass ride with one hand... is this to show that "Hey... I'm an expert... I can corner and ride with one hand!".

    Should we all be doing this?

    I'm a bit worried if I hit a pothole, or need to emergency brake if I'm to take up this popular habit.

    What do you think for those that ride one handed?
  2. "just about every rider ride with one hand"
    Surely you can't be serious.
  3. Sometimes I do it with one hand and sometimes I use both hands. It depends what sort of mood I'm in at the time..:):):)
  4. What were they doing with the other hand?
  5. It just means their other hand is otherwise occupied :jerk:
  6. I'm a bit worried that you're busy looking at people riding one handed instead of looking out for potholes.

    ...but as smee said, serious?
  7. Some things are best kept to yourself
  8. Anyone with a Ducati needs their other hand to hold the latte macchiato
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  9. Triumph riders ride with one hand so that they can plug the oil leak.
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  10. Photos
  11. Vc ......
  12. R1 riders ride with one hand because they are holding their kebab.

    BMW riders are playing with their GPS.

    Postie bike riders are delivering the mail.

    Harley riders are getting ready to catch stuff vibrating off.

    Scooter riders are riding with one hand because they are fixing the run in their stocking.

    Goldwing riders are adjusting their air conditionng.

    Hayabusa riders are giving the po po the finger.

    MV Agusta riders are on the phone to their accountant to see how they keep affording the repayments.

    Hyosung riders are filling in their warranty claim.

    Who have I missed?


    Oh i missed myself,

    VT1100 riders are adjusting our mirror so that we can see how badass we are looking.

    ZX6 riders are looking back to see where all the other racers have got to.

    Cant think of one for the drz, anyone? already paid out on my scooter:)
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  13. Wait till you see someone nod
  14. Lol thats better )
  15. U forgot mine but its same as yours but
    Badder ( maybe )
  16. [​IMG]
  17. Wow, both hands, you manly man you;)
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  18. Ducati riders often ride with one hand because they usually have a decaf soy latte in the other.
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  19. I do it on the freeway - use left elbow on the tankbag as an arm rest and just hold the throttle with the right hand... Not exactly hard to still swerve violently if you need to if counter-steer correctly. Just watch out for potholes if you don't have a steering damper as it can set off the death-wobbles easier.