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One for the wino lot - 1 Bottle 1984 Grange Hermitage

Discussion in 'Archived' started by t_mike, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. Only selling this because I'm loosing my cellar facilities. :cry:

    I bought this bottle in about '87 from Dan Murphy's back in the day when they were a specialist liquour outlet, not a supermarket plonk shop. it has been part of my collection ever since, and has been looked after.
    Capping is in mint condition with no signs of leaking, the bottle has always been stored on it's side. Likewise the bottle is mint with no marks or scratches. The label has some very light lifting on some corners and edges, little yellowing if any, and absolutely no water damage, so 9.9/10. Ullage (fill) is low neck to very high shoulder, which is more than acceptable for a 25 year old wine. No signs of sedation build up on the sides of the bottle. Most wine dealers would sell this for somewhere in the high $400s, but as there is no commission involved, I'd be looking at offers in the early $400s. If anyone's interested, do your homework and let me know. You can contact me by PM, or on 0433 519 197.

    NOTE: I am not a licensed liquour dealer, just a wine buff selling one of his own bottles on the open market. I would prefer some proof of age prior to the sale.
  2. He needs to replace the 'get-you-home' spare on the TT with a real tyre :rofl:

    Good luck with the sale, mate :).
  3. That's been done Paul. It was a case of bent wheel actually, and it isn't available in that size anymore. Finding a decent wheel straightening place was difficult.
  4. You're asking over market, send it to Langtons if you don't get a bite.
  5. seems u cant sell it champ, time to call us over for a drink :LOL:
  6. Those are retail shops, not second markets/auctions. I can buy a bottle right now on the Langtons Exhange for $260 plus premium, so $299, and that's 'Level Just Below Base of Neck'. Prices do vary, and $350 odd is more common for this type of vintage.

    Throw it on eBay if you're after more, you could well get lucky, it's a 25th birthday wine this year :)
  7. I understand what you're saying, but those retail outlets don't cellar wine for 25 years, they sell it on consignment from private collectors, so in effect it is also a used market. The Langfords bottle is one bottle only available from Melbourne, no stock in Sydney. While they give a fill level which is good, there is no mention of the condition of the rest of the bottle (cap, label, residue stains). It may be a bottle to drink rather than collect, you wouldn't know without seeing it. Labels and caps can make a difference to price. If I wanted one to drink, at that price I'd probably buy it, but to hold, I'd like to see it first.
  8. Guys you are arguing about what it's worth.
    It is starting to contravene the T&C's
    OP please name a firm price as outlined in the rules for selling.
    The others if you want the wine make a PM offer and leave it at that.
    Don't discuss or argue what your opinion of what it's worth is or I will flag this ad for removal and cleaning.
  9. Right on, all those pesky teenagers. $400 25YO Grange is the new Fruity Lexia! :LOL:
  10. Love it! Very pimp, take it the Suade tour ended with a signing then? :p

    I don't think that a rule applies to the General Marketplace.

    Anyway, t_mike if you're losing your cellaring space, flick me a PM with a list of what else you're getting rid of.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.