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One for the vintage bike enthsiasts

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by offtrack, Sep 14, 2012.

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  2. WP_000282.
    came into work and saw this all set up. Take a guess at the approximate combined value there.

    i then saw this.

    All i know is that it is German, i haven't found out anything else yet.
  3. It's a NSU (the company who later made the half-tracked Kettenkrads in WW2). Not sure what model exactly but looks to be from the pre WW1 era. This is the closest I could find, which is a 1909 model:
  4. thanks jd. I've been pouring through magazines this morning as I'm sure i've seen this somewhere.

    The guys at work told me that there is around $600 000 worth of vehicle on, or floating above the stage.
  5. Found a closer match:
    That's the 1903 model.

    Still not sure what's written on the front numberplate mount of the one you posted though, and whether that has any particular significance.
  6. The pic was taken on my HTC phone which i think has one of the worst cameras you can get, Oh well, i didn't have time to run back hoime at get my good camera.

    It's got Neckarsulm 1909 on the number plate, the u has two dots above it.
  7. Neckarsulm is the town where they were made.