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One for the red bull drinkers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jd, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. This is where your money goes :p

  2. Why would the police try and cover it up? Sounds pretty sus.
  3. They were embarrassed about the brand of bike they chose.
  4. Umm probably because the police could get a fair bit of bribe money to keep it on the down low.
  5. Money, mate, money....
  6. is that a Ferrari 4WD?...nice.
    I like an absolute with half Redbull half lemonade...yum

    I'm thinking the cop hung on....Look at where he rolled over the windscreen .... that or he rolled a long way after being punted by a $500,000.00 foot
  7. New FF Ferrari, looks good in grey even if it is bent. Yep money talks but its probably a bit hard to cover up when its such a public incident.
  8. I gotta dumb question
    What kind of bike is it
  9. I have feelings you know
  10. Pretty sure it's a Tiger Boxer 250RS.
  11. The creator of red bull was rather rich... one would assume the grandson has access to this money... if hes driving a ferrari, the police are corrupt (but apparently not the chief of police)

    bribery of the police/government is rife in any country... everyone has a price.
  12. Or he just made the mistake of not bribing them first (or more likely not paying what they were asking for).

    Hardly a surprise there's corruption - when you have people driving cars equivalent in value to 100 years of a cops salary (Thai police are on around AU$7,000 a year).
  13. Just no taste :)
  14. What a ****** idiot.. "dragged his body several hundred metres...before speeding away"

    He wasn't that drunk 0.063 isn't much..

    Hope money doesn't buy him out of this one