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One for the Ladies

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Skuffy, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. Great find Mitch, thanks.

    About bloody time these manufacturers caught on.
  2. I agree..... Hope it helps
  3. Although I quite agree with it, I'm not holding my breath for anything to happen. Take the car industry - last figures I read said that 20% of drivers prefer a manual gearbox, but only 5% of cars are made with them...
  4. I think this is great news for chicks who ride.
    I have quite a few female friends who ride and they are always complaining about their ' ducks disease '
    Their legs are too short for them to be able to ride a large selection of bikes.
    On the bikes they can actually ride, they are often only on tippy toes at the lights etc.
    As you can imagine ( or not! ), this often puts them in danger of dropping their bike.
  5. Voyager
    Valid point, but the demand on the Manufacturers to continue to promote the equality between men and women carriers much higher demand. As womens specific racing calenders are being promoted, the manufacturer that comes in first will always be the preferred.

    Do you think it is the height of the bike or more so the actual size/weight/dimensions?
  6. I am not really affected by the height issue etc.
    My friends who do suffer, say that the width of the seat is often a major problem.
    Some have a lower seat put on the bike instead, and some really small girls have the suspension lowered.?.
    Others just ride 250cc coz they are small!
    Sometimes the girls find it too much of a stretch to the handlebars also.
    So it prolly is more of a dimensions issue
    Personally, I have to be very careful when parking etc coz my bike is so heavy.
  7. Articles like this remind me of how lucky I am. I had trouble fitting onto my first bike (you know you have a problem when your mother says you look like a Preying Mantis! :oops: :shock: :LOL: ) and now I have a bike I love, albeit a little heavy. Is actually weight that's a problem for me :roll:

    :D :D :D
  8. Good article and one i agree with totally . It's time manufacturers take into account the female market .
  9. Suzuki's SV650 comes closest to fitting the bill, but it doesn't pack as much performance as a "full-size" sportbike.

    and then

    Kawasaki's new ER-6n might be just such a bike

    Sounds to me like this guy has contradicted himself solely to appease kawasaki who paid for his attendance to the event.
  10. As a card carrying short arse I should just say that it isn't women alone who crack it with tall seat heights. I can easily hold up my bike but I'd love to be able to get both feet flat rather than just on the balls of my feet. Until a larger range of bikes come with adjustable seat heights (BMW are way ahead here) and adjustable pegs and controls we are all stuck with the one-size-fits-all bike sizes. Unless you are 5'9-10" you wont find most bikes are designed for your height.
  11. Seat width is a definite factor as well. My friend's Triumph TT has a seat so wide I can only just touch the ground... Heavy bike too. Yet is a similar size and design to my bike!

    Dunno how she copes, being one of the 'average' girls - a shortarse!!! :LOL:
  12. and here i was thinking the thread title was a public declaration ...
  13. I tell you what, the first manufacturer to actually release an approprate fitting and powered bike for shorter riders, is going to seriously rake in some big dollars.

    I can't believe it hasn't been done long ago.
  14. Mmm, good article. Certainly a basically untapped market for any manufacturer who'd like to take advantage of it.

    I think that jarrah has a very good point too. It's not just the seat height that is a problem, it's also the width of the seat that can cause it to be difficult for shorter riders.

    Styling trends also play a part. Sports bike styling seems to be making the achievement of that a little difficult. Having said that, most cruisers also have tanks that are broad at the back and continue on to a fairly broad seat.

    Someone's gotta do something.
  15. Manufacturers do consider the smaller female demographic of the worlds population, thats what the back seat is for isn't it :shock:
  16. Oh, you're gonna be popular...... :oops:

  17. :shock: :LOL: :LOL: I shall not comment .