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One for the Kawasaki owners - which exhaust tip is better?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by tmg, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. I wanna get a new tip for my bikes exhaust, and am tossing up between a yoshi, or an akrapovic exhaust tip, as they look really good, and both have a good reputation, but it's hard when I haven't heard either on a bike to pick which I want. I know I am going to need an A/M ECU too, so it doesn't backfire on deceleration.

    but which one is best?

  2. I have an Omrae carbon can on my zxr750, and although i dont think Omrae are around anymore, its ridiculous. It pops and crackles and growls like crazy. The bike hardly sounds like an inline four anymore.

    But our kwaka's are a world apart, FI vs Carb, new vs old, etc..

    The only constructive advice i can give you is, go listen to both on the same bike as your. Youll be able to find someone with the can and bike combo your after.
    Exhaust noise is such a personal thing that what sounds great to you, may sound like shite to the guy next to you. So listen to both and base your decision on that.
  3. I have an Akrapovic titanium exhaust on my ZX9R and it sounds great. Haven't seen too many kawasakis around here with yoshis, most seem to have gone with the akrapovic if anything, it certainly gets a recommendation from me.
  4. There's a 9 in the garage with a yoshi RS-3. It has a deep but not obnoxious tone... then there's the other 9 with a Kerker (America's equivalent to Aussie's staintune or Megacycle) can - that one is obnoxious!

    When you say tip, to you mean the muffler or literally the tip, like the tips you can buy in auto shops for car exhausts??
  5. I think he means replacing the can?

    dude explain yourself better.

    And you don't need an aftermarket ECU.. you'll possibly need a power commander which works with your standard ECU.
    Who's telling you this stuff?
  6. 1kg Milo tin

    you'll fit in with the rest of the doof doof brigade!
  7. :LOL: - I like it.

    Yeah I meant just the tip, because the new ninjas catalytic converter is under the engine, so all the muffler contains is baffles now, so changing them over shouldn't be illegal anymore in terms of pollution gear not being there.

    Akrapovic is notably more $$$ than a Yoshi though isn't it? I dunno, I just want something better than the stock milo tin on there now.
  8. noise = pollution as well.

    Just sayin...
  9. Yeah I thought about that, and the Akrapovic is alot quieter than the yoshi as I went on youtube and searched for vids with either one on my model of bike, and yeah, I think the akrapovic is better, even with the baffle in, as I heard it with it in and out.
  10. Mate as I see you are sunny coast you can always come check mine but as its on a 1400GTR it won't sound the same as your bike.

    Its a Muzzy from the US, Muzzy have been making Kawasaki stuff since sliced bread was invented....... whenever that was :LOL:

    Looks nice, sounds great but not TOO loud.
  11. Yeah I met you at the Caltex Servo Davo :) must say them GTR1400s are a bloody nice tourer. I might get one someday when I get sick of race bikes - whenever that may be.

    Never really thought of how a muzzy zuast would go on mine...might have to see if anyone has one on a zx6 on youtube, so I can here the sound of it.

    I had a close up look (i.e. got to hold one) at an akrapovic exhaust tip at teammoto in maroochydore the other day, and I reckon its the sex and I want one! :grin:
  12. Its not a 6r, but I put these yoshi's on the 10, and they are great. Not obnoxious but alot deeper than stock. She screams like a banshee in the top end though, I love going through tunnels :grin: Sorry bout the dodgy phone pics