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One for the "I can pass in the same lane..." crowd

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gegvasco, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. For the minority of folks on here that advocate passing in the same lane in a corner, have a read of this from the ACT MRA site. http://www.mraact.org.au/crash.htm
    So regardless of the argument about it being lawful or not, it is still highly risky. In any other situation would you knowingly do something that could cause another rider to crash? Of course you wouldn't. Passing someone in a corner in the same lane should be no different.

  2. Well said. I wonder if there were posters on a forum somewhere postulating about this prang without knowing the full circumstances and putting it down to "those useless Harley riders that can't go round bends..."
  3. Hmmm .. I think Stookie will be able to relate to the Harley rider!

    Too many inconsiderate twats out there that think the road is a race track and it's a free for all, even with other riders :(
  4. +1 "reminds me of a meatloaf song"

    You took the words right out of my mouth ! :LOL:
  5. Well said, undeniable, and unfortunately a complete waste of type.
  6. I got a
    ”you bikes do it so why can’t I do it”
    From a 4wd driver who passed me as I was flicking to reserve
    I met him at the servo and was going to punch him.
    I’d only been riding for 3 weeks at the time

    Since then it’s happened a couple of times once by an old guy while I was waiting at a school crossing.

    So I am very careful when I split and only do it when its totally safe like when cars are stoped waiting for a train and I am going to turn right up ahead (before the train tracks)
  7. The only time I will ever leave room for another vehicle beside me is to allow room for another bike.
    Don't give cars/etc a chance... because they'll try and take it.

    Re: Harley rider down. That sucks.
    I had guys overtaking me in my lane the first time I did the Wiseman's Ferry run... I am talking L plater, 3 weeks on the bike, plate clearly displayed and they fly around me on the outside.

    Like, at least wait for a straight FFS.
  8. +1

    I try to make room for other riders when in the bus lanes. If I'm prepared for it, it's okay, but when I'm not expecting it, it's a "S! Where the F--- did (s)he come from??"
  9. who the hell passes someone in the same lane on a bend anyway?

    complete fcukwit to do so - it doesnt matter if they ride a sportsbike, hardley, drive a 4wd or the family stationwagon. To do so is irresponsible, dangerous and can ltimately be fatal.

    Complete cockjockey.
  10. Totally agree with you here Otaku.

    I have been passed up the inside (through bends mind you) and at the next stop I gave him an earful :evil:
  11. I can't remember who/when but I remember a while ago there was a thread about overtaking in the same lane. Most of it revolved around doing it on a straight but there were some that said you can do it anytime ie. in corners, and that it is legal! Didn't want to get into the same argument about legality, just wanted to highlight the possible consequences AS THEY HAVE HAPPENED.
  12. It's not legal anyway - 2 vehicles can not occupy the same space in a single lane.
  13. "His" initials wouldn't be "A.S", by any chance????
  14. No, it's a physical impossibility. ;)

    Not sure about in Canberra, but in Vic motorcycles are allowed to share a lane.

    Flip-side of the coin here - sometimes the inconsiderate fool is the one who is blocking someone from passing. While I doubt that was the case in this instance, I've seen it many a time: particularly when I was on my 250. Impossible to overtake on a straight without the rider in front allowing you to, and overtaking into a corner is the only way to get past. It doesn't make it right - but it does mean that the entire problem could be avoided with a little more courtesy from both parties.

    EDIT: grammar.
  15. Maybe not in Canberra, but it is legal in Vic.

    Still, legal or not, there is a responsibility to ride safely first, legal second.
  16. NO! but it might be PF :wink:
  17. I've had a same-lane passing encounter of sorts recently.

    Was going through some nice, rather tight corners and some sportsbike riders come screaming up from behind. First one goes around in the other lane, fair enough.

    Second one goes around while i'm cranked over to the left in the same lane. If I hadn't held my line it could've gotten messy! :shock:

    Really spooked me to be passed like that.
  18. Yes I can sympathise with the Harley rider.
    Same happened to me but it was 4 at once. Left me nowhere to go except the dirt. Nobody stopped and they knew where i was about to end up.

    But maybe they didnt check their mirrors either , i mean you dont check your mirrors on the Reefton spur cos if you do you've already gone off-road. notime to check for idiots passing you on tight corners.

    Anyway Im over it, but I have a disability (apart from being Scottish) to live with now.
    But we move on and do what we can.

    For future reference......ANYONE who overtakes me mid corner in the same lane better ride like the wind cos I will shove My VFR right up his frikkin tailpipe and Im not worried about the ramifications.
  19. Devil's Advocate

    You come up behind someone. Person is not displaying any plates. Person starts looking at you in their mirrors, and correspondingly stops looking at the road, and nearly runs off the road mid-corner. You know you're on a series of bends that isn't going to end anytime soon, and you know you have the ability to overtake said individual reasonably safely (i.e. give them about a good 2 meters berth at all times).

    Is it better to:

    a) Overtake them as safely as possible, even if it's mid-corner, to stop them from worrying about you behind them and possibly prevent them from having an accident, and trust that they'll deal with you overtaking them since they obviously are already aware that you're there.
    b) Sit behind said person, watch them weave all over the road as they continue to look at you in their mirrors, and grimace and pray that they don't crash.
    c) Pull over and stop, on some (possibly blind) corner, where you're increasing your own personal danger, and perhaps will also cause the shaky rider ahead to have an accident anyway as they look even harder to figure out where you got to, and look at the road ahead even less.

    What would you do? What is the safest course of action for all concerned?
  20. I have had idiots stick their front wheel JUST inside my back wheel in the corners trying to pull a move as if they were racing for the motogp title or something. Worst part is in the bends I try not to look in my mirrors too much and my bike is pretty loud so I dont hear these mothaf*#@*rs until they are right up my ass and revving their tits off.

    normally if I see a rider approach fast in my mirrors, I pull to the left of the lane, indicate and back off the throttle.

    sons of bit@#es dont realise how dangerous or lethal it is to pull stuff like that on the road.