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One for the HP-junkies

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by FormerUser1, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. The new ZZR1400, released currently in Europe.
    "we wanted to keep it below the 200 mark"...according to Kawasaki.

  2. Yeah saw this, this mourning.

    Few more photos on this site.


    under news.

    I quite like most of the styling. Couple of fiddly bits.

    But really 1400 is getting ridiculas.
  3. Pics of this were posted a few days ago :)
    Prompted some fairly lively Kawa/Suzuki dicusssion if I recall.
  4. Hey, I own a 1400..... It is not rediculous, it is damn sexy :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Now THAT's a surprising post!!!
  6. It's got a lot of eyeballs. They make it look like a spider!
  7. Sound like compensatio to me :LOL:

    [the man with the 1100 scampers away quickly]
  8. 192hp (which sounds like it could easily be 200+) is a little silly but I do love the design.
  9. You can park one in my garage any time you like. I'd grow to like it I think.
  10. :(
    i thought it was going to be about harry potter...
  11. love the look of it... go the kwaka's
  12. Kawasaki may have just knocked the Hayabusa off its perch. We might just see a bit of a bun-fight in the mega sports tourer end of the market if Suzuki decide to respond.

    Bring it on!!

  13. I thought it was going to be about Hewlett Packard.

    :roll: :roll: :roll:
  14. Why do they insist on that tacky chrome look lettering, surely they can come up with a better way of branding the tank?
  15. Agreed. Back when I first started riding the bikes had metal badges riveted to the tank, chromed or painted and they looked great. Even the cheap Japanese bikes had them. Then that got too expensive so they went to decals and that's what we're stuck with now....there has to be a classier way of doing that, especially if you're paying $15k or more for a bike???
  16. have you ever considered what these will do to you in a crash, especially in a headon. you will most likely leave your balls behind with the petrol cap, the tank will wrap around your legs and be quite difficult to remove as well as doing considerable damage. any metal badges (or plastic for that matter) will shred your legs, before you fly through to break your (metal wrapped legs) on the bars.

    me, i'm happy with the stickers
  17. I suspect your a young'un eh....In the days of metal badges most were inset into the tank in badge shaped stamped depressions, leaving very little protruding. I suspect its pure cost, the cost of the badge itself, the more complex stampings, and the act of fitting. While I agree that style wise, stickers suit sportsbikes, badges just are soooo much cooler on lots of others.
  18. Seriously does anything look anywhere near as ubber cool as the triumph logo?

    no need to answer you all know it's the truth.
  19. I've known a lot of people who've come off over the years and while it's theoretically possible to damage yourself on a petrol cap , I've never heard of anyone damaging the insides of their legs on tank badges...

    I wonder if any of the other oldies here have either?

    Petrol caps have been made flush for safety reasons. The old metal tank badges have only been replaced because of cost. They are pretty expensive to produce and attach, where a sticker is cheap and easy to apply.

  20. suspect what you like.

    inset badges will still rip. just as an inset fuel cap will