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One for the girls!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Nightowl, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. Something I thought I'd share ....

    Returned home from Monday night coffee (Netriders) to one of those telephone calls you really don't want to receive - emergency, RUN!

    No time to change out of my riding gear, raced straight out the door to where help was needed, assessed the situation & promptly called the ambulance.

    About 30 mins later two ambulance officers arrived. One, a lovely lady, eyed me up and down taking in what I was wearing. I braced myself for what I thought was the inevitable coming (ie. dangers of riding motorcycles etc) ... afterall, the ambos of all people are witness to most.

    "Have you been out riding today?" she asked.

    I nodded. 8-[

    "It's great seeing more women getting into motorcycle riding."


    Go the ambos!!! (y) :D

    Which reminds me, if you haven't got any sort of coverage that includes ambulance (odd co-incidence we should happen to have been talking about this at Sat prac) ... then it's well worth your while giving serious consideration to taking out some separate ambulance cover, singles cover only about $75 pa (Australia wide coverage).

    Can find more info here. (This is the Victorian branch link)

    Oh, and just to add, the person I carted off to emergency is doing fine.
  2. Hehehe wicked :)

    Did the ambo herself ride or want to?
  3. I didn't ask ... ](*,) ... was kind of occupied with other things at that moment. But it was really good to hear her say that. :grin:
  4. Hee hee. :)

    Yes, they do see the worst, but she wouldn't be the first ambo ive met with a hidden streak of adrenaline junkie in 'em. Comes with the job to a degree, actually!

    Glad all is ending well there.
  5. Thanks, curls - you've got a good point there, very true! :grin:
  6. I'm thinking of becoming an ambo, so I can relate :)

    Plus, I love skydiving and doing silly things!
  7. That's great! (y) They do a terrific job, keep us posted on what/when you decide. Skydiving IS fun :grin:
  8. when the chute opens!
  9. :grin:

    True. Down was the easy part. Landing, another matter.
  10. nice story nightowl.

    before my son was born i used to have a pic of my bike in my wallet. you wouldn't believe the number of retail sales girls who would see it and ask if it was mine and then tell me how much they wanted to ride.

    it's easy to underestimate the courage and motivation it takes to take the step from wanting to ride, to doing so. it took me years of wanting to, and 2 expired learner's permits, before i finally got mine.

    it's nice to stop and acknowledge from time to time that we're among the few who made our fantasy a reality ;)
  11. A while back I was getting back onto my bike outside a busy coffee shop. A very stern faced woman strode over the road towards me, I thought I was in trouble for something by the look on her face. She looked at me and said "I'm SO jealous of you riding your own bike" and she turned and strode off again. he he he, you gotta love it!
  12. I agree. The diving bit is a somewhat boring - ok, im falling... im still falling... isnt that cloud pretty. zero g isnt all it's cracked up to be. Get the chute open then you can have some fun.
  13. The best bit was the diving / falling I thought... SO crazy :D
  14. Very true!!! Well done on hanging in there & sticking with it - that's fantastic! =D>=D>=D>

    Love it!!! :rofl:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, brought a huge smile to my day! :grin:
  15. Pulled up near a workie pub the other day. Guy on the balcony wolf whistled me. I took my helmet off and shook my hair out. Heard him telling his mate he "thought it was a chick".

    I didn't mind, made me feel pretty :)
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    The reason being something like [URL="]this[/URL] maybe ...
  17. Hehe, I'm currently studying to be a paramedic and I can't think of anything better to do than going for a ride :D
  18. Seriously though, may have given you a different story if you were a male.

    Probably because there are more male motorcycle accidents than female which is a statistic that will probably never change.....
    And for reasons other than more males riders than females...
  19. #19 boy.racer, Jun 17, 2010
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    That video made me happy :)
  20. lol ... you're the second paramedic I've encountered today who loves riding (in addition to lowercase thinking about it). (y)

    There you go curls!!! :grin:

    Maybe ... maybe not.

    Thinking about what she said I'm inclined to believe she had a genuine interest in motorcycle riding, and given the day had been so lovely after a week of rain feel if I was male probably would've skipped straight to where I'd been riding. I do recall mumbling something about Mt Macedon.

    When someone shares a genuine interest I'm not so sure it matters so much whether they're male or female. The fact that she had such an encouraging attitude towards women's involvement I thought was great. :grin: