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One for the "Firies"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Heli, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. Although I'm not sure that it's a 12,000cc bike :eek:

    Daily Telegraph

  2. Amazing ! In all my time in Hong Kong, I never got to see such a bike...
    12,000cc ? Haha...so let me guess, apart from squirting, it also flies ? :)
    Bet the Firies love them.
  3. Clever idea..
  4. Faaaaaaaaaark, 12 litres?! BMW's knocked one out of the park in the big-displacement bike world!
  5. Hahahaha ! Well said mate (y)
  6. Hope they bring them to Australia!
  7. I like the idea of the fast response times from only requiring one person, but how often are there fires (let alone car fires) that can be put out with 50L in 20s?!?
  8. you would be surprised how often firies are called up when there is no fire. At almost any major crash at least one truck will turn up, which requires a truck plus about 5 crew. I was first on scene to a rav4 overturning, no fire, and three trucks turned up - in the natio no less which is no mean feat.

    Having a bike which can be a fast response to gauge threat and severity of fire or even deal with it themselves will definitely be beneficial.

    And dont underestimate 50L of foam.
  9. I'm a Sydney Firey.......hopefully by the time I'm off my P's it's be an option at my Station.

    How good would that be.=D>
  10. Might be having a dense moment but surely that's a typo??? :-s

    Fun Ha!
  11. My favourite will always be the bike that is set up so it can tow cars :D
  12. Have link? do post... 8-[

    edit; fire bike is awesome and such a good idea!
  13. Here is the "Retriever"

  14. Another news item, this one has video of the motorbike in action. Actually seems to do the job quite well =D>