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One for the crusty oldies

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, May 5, 2007.

  1. Yes Hornet I'm talking to you. :grin:

    The Brough Superior trademark is up for auction... A revival could be in store.


  2. Fascinating item, Loz.

    I wonder what the buyer of the trademark would DO? You probably could build 2007 replicas of the bikes, but would enough people buy them to cover the costs? The purists might sneer; but then again there's a huge market for Jaguar C and D-type replicas, AC Cobra replicas and the like. Would the bike afficionados be as forgiving?

    And 100 mph is no great deal; 250s will do that, and have been able to for 30 or more years...
  3. now if it was the Vincent name up for auction . . .
  4. Hm .. there's the Egli Vincent .. http://www.thevincent.com/Egli-Braverman.html

    and of course our own Irving Vincent .. http://www.irvingvincent.com/

    I wonder how the "Irving" is going .. haven't seen an update on their site in quite a while.

    I saw it and heard it down at Phillip Island a while back ... one word "drool"!!

    I'd be happy to have a genuine one or either of the above in my garage ..
  5. Good question, but judging by the number of previous 'replicas' (Ducati Paul Smart', Hailwood' etc), I suspect a modern 'take' on the original is more likely.
  6. It's a deeper question than that, though, surely? A real Brough-Superior afficionado wouldn't buy a replica, so the only reason guys like us would have would be to have a replica of a bike we can't obtain. But the real owners would sneer, and would we ride one? And what would we say to the people to whom we showed it in our garage? "Oh, it's only a replica!"? Surely they'd just say, "Well why did you bother showing me?"?

    Having said that, there must be hundreds if not thousands of Frazer-Nash Le Mans Replica replicas in England, and they almost have a cache of their own.
  7. Interesting is it not that Brough never actually made an engine or gearbox (Bought In), Hmm forks wheels or tanks (subcontracted).

    So following on in that vein

    Is OCC the new Brough Superior


  8. Not quite true.. :)

    You are forgetting his V four,

    "The most radical offering was the V four. This engine was a home grown 994cc four cylinder side valve engine with a 60 degree included angle. It had coil ignition, a car type clutch and gearbox with integral final sprocket driving a conventional chain drive to the rear wheel. Remarkably the carburation was through a single carburettor feeding into passages cast into the crankcase. Only one prototype was produced, it was shown at the Motorcycle Show at Olympia in a glass case guarded by Policemen. More publicity but it proved impossible to develop."

  9. I'd be expecting a "modern take on the original" with an emphasis on old-school luxury and adjusted to measure.

    There's not a lot out there that really fits the luxury end of the market. I mean, goldwings, beemer tourers... They're all a bit utilitarian, plastic and angular as opposed to reeking of character, heritage and class.

    Triumph's classic range have been pretty popular, simple bikes with modern quality levels and a classic sort of look. Perhaps something along those lines but with a no-expenses-spared approach to complete comfort, running gear, styling and materials.

    Then again, it's a touring motorcycle. How much can it really cost? Not a custom chopper, not a mental featherweight sports coffee machine... To earn the "rolls royce" label back they'd have to find some cretive ways to spend money.