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One for the boys

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Wypuk, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. Howdy
    i just bought another bike, a 90' gpx and shit tis good
    my question is directed mainly to the fellas out here on netrider
    Ive been riding for the past 2 days since i bought my bike and i noticed that when i get off my nads are crushed and im in considerable pain even now (i jsut got home) has anyone else encountered a similar occurance?

    the bike is great, easy to ride, handle.. it is just beautiful hehe now i just need to transfer it onto myself and welll the rest is history

    so anyway if anyone has encountered something similar plz let me know how to combat it becasue it JUST FRIGGIN HURTS :evil: :evil:
  2. Yeah, sometimes they just don't want to be in the right spot and it can be mighty uncomfortable.
    You just gotta find a good position for the little guys and then everytime you sit on the bike do a little adjusting and your set :) .(Of course wearing boxers helps this)
  3. I just sit one either side of the tank, OK at low speed but anything over 150kmh and I get severe tank slap. :shock: :shock: :p
  4. If this continues to happen, consider getting your seat shaped.... (believe it or not, this happens to other people too.... and there are places that do seat shaping to releave the burden on your fun factory).
  5. If wearing boxes and looser riding gear doesn't help (do _not_ buy skin tight leather pants whatever you do!) then consider wearing one of those light plastic cricket boxes.

    Sounds silly, but I knew a guy who swore by it and he claimed a similar problem to you.
  6. I'm fine when I ride solo (on the Sprint or my gal's ZZR250), but when we're two up on the Triumph my boys tend to get squashed, but that's 'cause I get sandwiched between passenger and tank.
  7. i occasionally have the same problem on my gpx250 but fixed the issue by not tucking anything in my draggins as this caused pain.

    when i am riding i often adjust around though to get the best position.

    hope this helps
  8. Sounds like your riding position has you leaning too far foward and downward at the same time. Try adjusting the bars a tad; sometimes only a few mills difference in handlebar positioning can make a big difference to seating comfort
    Failing that, get the seat re-profiled so it's not sliding you forward right up against the tank..
  9. I get an eye watering whack going over speed bumps, if I'm not in the right position.

    I find a physical adjustment of the guys helps and it also depends on what pants I'm wearing too.

    Remember if at first you don't succeed, put a hand to it.
  10. ...

    sometimes when im riding my boobs hurt.
  11. I found the best way for control is Lycra boxers, $10 at Target. Try a pair, dress to the front, should solve your problems. Normal boxers allow too much movement.
  12. Another cause might be that you're not gripping the tank hard enough with your knees - i used to have that problem when i first started riding a VFR400 and going over speed bumps. Quickly learnt to grip with the knees to minimise the chances i'd slam into the tank!

  13. you need an ACROSS ( gsx-f 250)
    you can put your nuts in the boot :LOL: :LOL:

    sit back a little from the tank, if your seat slants forward it can push you towards it .
  14. ah, you poor males.

    My other half got a new pair of draggin jeans recently & the guy in the shop told him to get a pair that fit snuggly so he did. After 2 days of putting up with sore "rollers" he took them back & got the next size up.

    Never had any pain after that. he wears boxers too which helps.
  15. ^^:p

    yeah gripping the tank is important under heavy braking and over speed bumps. otherwise your nuts get a quick introducing to your butt :( i think thats probably the main thing along with packing em right.
  16. you just need a pillion to sit behind you and support them :LOL:

    any volenteers fella's :wink: :LOL:
  17. Took a hit to the 'nads yesterday, going over a kerb. Sat in the middle of the road and cried like a baby :cry:
  18. you could get one of those sheeps wool seat covers fitted?
  19. nah they might molest me!