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One for the Aviation buffs...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Nickers330, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Aircraft Quiz :

    This should be an easy quiz for those who have even a small amount of knowledge about aircraft. The answer may surprise you.

    "What is the biggest advantage of rotary-wing aircraft over fixed-wing aircraft ? "


    I got it wrong, too !
  2. Bugger.
    Me too.
  3. Are you thinking of retraining Nickers? ;)
  4. The thought did cross my mind mate...
  5. Knowing my luck if I did get a helicopter license my first passenger would be an ugly scottish guy in a kilt!
  6. Nah ZRX..get in there mate - ya just never know !
    Doing scenic flights in my younger years was the greatest - having young gorgeous girls sitting beside me 'up the front'.
    I have no doubt flying a helicopter would have its 'pluses'

  7. did you let them hold your "joystick in the cockpit?"
  8. :rofl:
  9. Only the 'lucky' ones (y)
  10. Prob with getting your chopper license is that it costs a bomb! Something silly like 30-40k (fact not checked)
  11. Very true c0rrupt mate.
    Mate recently completed his conversion on a Robinson R44. He's an ATPL Regional Airline Capt at present and it cost him 30k for a Private Licence on the chopper....
    Big coin indeed !
  12. Thanks Nickers - Appreciate the confirmation!

    Was just looking into it as the mrs has always fancied doing it... but she can forget it at those prices... think of all the shiny new bikes i could buuu... wait. Thats a ducati... ok, guess I'm just selfsih then :D haha
  13. Ducati...was thinking the same thing (y)
  14. The "330" I got from the outset, but "Nickers" is really "Knickers", isn't it? :wink:
  15. Nickers or Knickers...same thing...fogedaboudit !

    Only that my name is not Knick (y)
  16. A mate got an instructional flight for Xmas. Took it last week at Moorabin.

    I think he's hooked. He's looking at doing the commercial pilot course. From whoa to go, it'll cost him about $50k or so. He has half the training costs covered - he's selling his Harley (but not his Ninja) and has some savings.

    At the end of it he'll probably become an instructor.

    As we work shift work, it would be relatively easy for him to be available for work on days off, and work manning and rec. leave availability dependant, he may take shifts off if there is enough flying work to warrant it.

    This time next year we may have our first commercial helo pilot at work...
  17. Oh myyyy
    Nickers i think you have convinced me to get my liscence i did think of it a few years ago but cost put me off.
  18. trent112,
    DO IT BUDDY (y)

    ....then you can take me flying some time ;)
  19. Knickers, of all of us, you're probably in the best position to afford the training. Maybe you should be taking US up flying (if that's what helicopters do - fixed wing drivers tend to suggest that helicopters don't fly, they beat the air into submission).

    You could start and offshoot of Netrider. Call it Netflyer, perhaps..:cool:
  20. mjt57 - I like how think buddy (y)

    Mate, when I have my Australian Licence Medical renewed (my ATPL is perpetual) and I'm 'current' on aicraft below 5,700kg again (will involve a checkout/refresher of some kind) then I'd be more than glad to take you flying..and anyone else for that matter.

    If anyone is considering doing their helicopter rating though, I'd love to be your 'wingman'....anytime ;)

    "... fixed wing drivers tend to suggest that helicopters don't fly, they beat the air into submission..."
    I like that, no matter how many time I hear it :)