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One for my son (when I have one)

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by 12RS, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. Nabbed this badboy off an incredibly anal orthopaedic surgeon who never used the panniers and only took it out on the Old Pac Hwy with his sons when the weather was good. Had done 41,000k's in 10 years. Love her to bits. The gay helmet is his in one of the shots - he also wore full high viz wet weather gear on the test ride. Bless him.
    2012-08-07 15.38.07.


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  2. Nice,everyone needs a nice touring set up.
  3. Cheers Blabbs.
  4. Dont expect it all the time.
  5. Sweet as. Bring it. I like it rough.
  6. I've owned a BM,they are a boring ride.
    Nice for touring,the Camry of bikes if you will.
  7. Your '85 pink 318 convertible doesn't count.