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One for AznCruiser (no, its not anti god)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TRA, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Check this one out Azn, I am the fag in the white cossie in the backround (yup, if you browse that site you will find a pic of my ungly mug in my gay uniform).

    This is the yacht club open day, and I am the commodore. I organise the priest to come down each year as its tradition for the blessing of the fleet. Not a single person in our club actually gives a fuck about religion, but its tradition, and we uphold that cause we can. Not sure what church he is from though, but he does have a wife so definately not catholic.

    The club down the road gets a different dude in each year for the blessing. Couple of years ago he got in a muslim dude. Was pretty cool actually. Anyway, here is the pic.

  2. my, that's a mighty fine shoulder you have there ol' man
  3. So.........

    Youre acquainted with seamen?
  4. Boom Boom.
  5. Never understood that particular trait of Catholicism. I don't think it's healthy.
  6. Hmm...
  7. I think it leads to raping little boys.

    Theres a real problem in taking people with ordinary sex drives and repressing it all their lives.

    When I went to school, it was the nuns that scared me the most.... I had witnessed their physical violence. The added risk with nuns is that historically there has been whole groups of them in tight knit communes, abusing each other, and abusing children. Nasty stuff.
  8. Jeezuz, talk about derailing a thread. I went to catholic schools, both primary and high and no priest, nun or brother ever fucked me.
  9. Ah ok, on topic. Well your pants could probably be hemmed a bit, and the shoes seem a little out of place. Who's idea long ago in history was it to make uniforms white?
  10. I am guessing its a navy thing, maybe so you cant see the white stains?
  11. This thread is so pointless its funny
  12. Thanks for contributing to the pointlessness.

    The whole idea of it was to show Azn that I am not the god-botherer bashing religious person hating man that he thinks I am, I actually interact with the religious folk quite well.
  13. Damn I was just beginning to like you too.....
  14. Lol. Dont get me wrong, put religion in front of children or use religion to prevent science moving forward and its another story!
  15. It ensures that the Church inherits any property a priest may have.

    When in doubt about motive, "follow the money" works 99% of the time.

    As for Confession, the power of an individual who knows all the dirt on their local community should never be underestimated.
  16. Nice looking uniform there TRA although your shoes looks a bit dirty/brown, otherwise very proper.....

    Meh kids now days need to harden the **** up. Ive gotten the ruler to the hand, the belt, made to clean the toilet, and made to stand in the middle of the yard........and this was in a primary public school. Kids nowadays are out of control, parents and teachers pretty much cant discipline them......youve even got teachers getting sued for talking sarcastically to students lol...........
  17. You think like a sneaky rat bastard don't you PatB, that warms my heart to see.
  18. If he's married then he's probably from one of the branches of the Orthodox Church (Greek, Russian, Armenian, Coptic, whatever) but the lack of a big bushy beard confuses things.
  19. Sneaky Rat Bastard is my middle name :twisted:. Don't get conned much though :D.
  20. Could be Anglican - the high church versions wear similar gear to Catholic priests.