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one for all you Nikon D70 owners!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Phanoongy, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. this update brings the D70 to be like the D70s


    after this the only things it dont have vs the D70s
    - the larger screen on the back
    - the longer lasting battery
    - able to use the older cable trigger (still has the cordless one)
    - something to do with the flash...the s version is set for an 18mm where the original is set for 20mm

    Changes applied with the upgrade of A firmware version 1.01 and B firmware version 1.03 to A and B firmware version 2.00
    Performance of the 5-area AF system has been improved (Dynamic area and Closest subjct AF-area modes).
    Changes have been made to the design of menu displays.
    Page-size settings can now be applied from the camera with direct printing from a PictBridge-compatible printer.
    The number of exposures remaining, displayed in the control panel and viewfinder, when shooting at an image-quality setting of NEF (RAW) or NEF+JPEG Basic has been changed (the number is calculated based on the size of compressed RAW file).
    Maximum number of exposures displayed when a 256-MB CompactFlash memory card is used:
    Version 2.00: NEF (RAW): approx. 44 exposures; NEF+JPEG Basic: approx. 39 exposures
    Version 1.03 or earlier: NEF (RAW): approx. 23 exposures; NEF+JPEG Basic: approx. 21 exposures
    The default setting for camera clock has been changed from 2004.01.01 to 2005.01.01. Now you cannot set the clock back to a date before 2004.12.31.
    A problem that sometimes caused communication between the camera and computer to be unexpectedly terminated when using Nikon Capture Camera Control has been corrected. (Windows)