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One F1-11 Minus Wings = R1

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by 2000VTR250, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. After riding the 250 since 02 its about time for an upgrade. For my new weapon I couldnt go past the legend...

    This is an '08 model bought new!

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  2. You found it at a tip?
  3. your going to kill yourself now
  4. My first bike is an R1 --- and I am still alive 6 months later

  5. ? I did 100,000 km on my VTR im sure
    I'll be fine.

  6. lol yeah, lazy much? I should clean up the garage perhaps...
  7. Damn, thats an achievement, I thought I was a bit crazy going str8 from 250 to a litre.
  8. Thanks but I don't think its that much of an achievement anyone can do it if they have the right attitude approach and mindset.

    Its all up to the individual really -- If you are smart, know that your bike can do warp speed but choose not to do warp speed then you are fine

    Its all about having respect for the machines capabilities and knowing your own limitations and skills.

    Of course your skills will improve as you ride it more -- but just do it slowly and progressively

    No need to ride for speed everywhere you go - ride for the enjoyment of the ride.

    Take a corner at the posted 45kmph then next time try it at 50kph then 55 kph then 60 kph and so on. Try to analyse the difference in the corner at the different speeds and how the bike and you yourself react and handle it

    I congratulate you on your choice of bike by the way ( mines a old school 1999 model)
  9. Youll have to change your username now.
  10. What prey-tell is a F1-11? Is it like a F-111, but with Jenson Button as pilot?

  11. Ha, its faster than one of these though...

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  12. 2008YZFR1X1000 at your service, just rolls off the tongue:busting:!

    I wish I could just update my profile that I ride an R1, but I cant manage to even do that. Hope riding a 1000 isnt that technical!
  13. But nowhere near as classy, don't dis the Interceptor...
  14. I thought it was your lounge room
  15. Thats a result of house reno's that ende dup with stuff in the grudge, and of course knocking stuff over when trying to move about. At least the R1 fits in now, looking fwd to the hard rubbish in March.
  16. :LOL:

    I hope you look after this thing better than your garage man! Congrats.
  17. Ha ha! Well said Climbatize, very true, I do have a bad habit of breaking things too, Im trying to be careful.
  18. looks sick mate
  19. nice choice. I myself just upgraded today from a 2000 VTR250, but seeing as the insurance quotes were fricken horrendous for an inline 4, I chose the little twin's big brother, the VTR1000, and now I understand what 'torque' means!

    Good luck with the R1! :)
  20. e
    Thanks, Nice ride you got there, I was seriously considering one until fashion took over common sense. I was feeling pretty good one day about the sound of the VTR250 at the lights, right then a 1000 Firestorm rocked up with aftermarket slip on pipes... didnt feel so good then. 8-[