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One Dead TT 600

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by popeswd, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Well the TT600 is dead
    About 4 weeks ago I came off the TT600
    And it’s a write off and not happy just clocked over 99000 K’s
    Too much front brake on cold tyres and white line at about 80 Klm

    I am ok
    Had the gear on so only some bruise's
    Just been very busy at work new job same place

    Now i have to look for a new bike


    More Pics here
    http://s49.photobucket.com/albums/f299/popeswd/Dead Bike 2008/
  2. Aww that sucks. They're a nice looking bike!

    Good stuff on the not getting injured front.

    It doesn't look that badly damaged... is it repairable write-off?
    Can you buy the wreck off the insurance company for next to nothing?
  3. Glad you're okay Tony, and that's the main thing.

    The bike doesn't look too bad. Definitely repairable, unless of course it's an insurance job and the cost of replacing all the scratched parts comes up to more than 2/3's the current value of the bike, then sure - time for a new bike.

    Just don't buy a 675. No one will catch you then.
  4. insurance job they say 6 to 7 thou to fix
    Fairing both sides, front guard, tail fairing, right hand foot peg broken off and exhaust pipe bracket too rear foot peg broken

    yes a 675 would be nice but that will take some talking
  5. C'mon!!! 99,000? you OWE it to the bike to get it over the 100K!
    P*ss the fairings off, fix up the functional bits as cheaply as possible. Get it over the line!
    (Glad you're OK.)
  6. ...or about $3000-$3500 if you order the parts in from www.bikebandit.com

    It's been my experience in general that whatever you get quoted in Australia, you'll pay about half as much if you go to said site.

    Still, at 99K kms, if the insurance company wants to write it off and you can run off and buy a new bike with the funds, I guess that's an attractive outcome. Only issue will be ongoing premium costs.
  7. That sucks, man. Could you ditch the fairings and turn it into a speed four?
  8. Sorry to hear about the accident and the bike. I know How you feel I have a tt600 and I've blown the engine. So I was wondering if the insurance company let you keep the bike or not. And if they did is the engine still in good condition because I might be willing to buy it for the right price and maybe this will help you on your way to your new bike. But most importantly is it 2000 MODEL. Any way if your interested let me know and how much you would sell it for.
  9. Hi I have an engine for a tt600 too
  10. '

    I agree. 99k is a fair bit, and u dont putter around
    Sorry to hear mate.
  12. no i did not keep it

    but if may have a 2002 model with the money i have
  13. Vamoushe :applause:
  14. Hey Tweet. I hope your serious about the engine. Is is a 2000 model. And do you want to sell it? And if so what's the condition and how much?