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One day ride.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Benny Boy, May 13, 2012.

  1. Silly spur of the moment thing. i had the idea last night to try and break my own record for most km done in one day.

    Leaving from ipswich and going through warwick, Glen Inness, Grafton, Ballina, and back home again.

    Ill try and check in, but thats pretty much it until i get back.
  2. I've stopped off in Warwick for breakfast, and to try and warm up again. Unbelievably cold this morning. Having trouble operating the clutch and hand brake. It got warmer near aratula, but temperatures fell again west of cunninghams gap. The fog made riding a tad difficult, but it added to spectacular views when I could see them.


    should be a good day, fingers have already defrosted.
  3. Such an awesome thing to do spur of the moment. I am wanting a bike more accommodating of things like this.

    Hope you are enjoying it, and I hope the temperature rises a bit for you to make it a cruise in comfort.
  4. Welcome to cold Warwick.. where I stayed in bed coz it was warm.

    You should be starting to warm up a little bit by now.. so enjoy it and have safe travels.

  5. And on the 3rd day God created the coffee plant. And God spoke to the coffee plant and said, go forth and multiply, for as your numbers grow so shall the motorcycle riders on the road grow. And they will sup upon thy fruit. And it came to pass that the riders dined on espresso, flat white, latte, and that muck from McDonald's. Surely coffee is Gods apology for 5am. And the rider looked in his mug and said, it is good.

    Just something to amuse me as I sit here in Glen Innes trying to warm up again. Its a touch warmer, but not yet comfortable. at least i can move my fingers without pain.

    pictures are definitely coming. Hopefully there will be a few worth while photo ops going to Grafton. Cause there hasn't been many so far.

    A celtic monument.

    This was taken at Raspberry Lookout just off the Gwydir Highway.
    Temperature was still cool by this point, but at least there was something to look at.
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  6. Waiting for the updates, love the idea.........
  7. The Highway is great for the most part. Lots of long sweeping fast corners. It starts to get twisty and more interesting around the Heffron Lookout area. This area also has more potholes that the rest of the road.

    taken near the Heffron Lookout.

    Just more proof of where i was. I know how people like their signs on this site.

    The escapement has two really good hairpins. One of them is the biggest fastest turn i've for riding. A lot of the twists happen going down hill from west to east. Depending on how you like your corners it could be more fun doing this road from Grafton to Glen Innes.

    Weather proved to be warmer on the east side of the dividing range. Could feel it change in a very short amount of time as i came over the top.
  8. Heading towards Grafton the road opens up to fast sweeping corners again.

    Was greeted by the spectacular Mann River that runs beside the highway for part of the journey.

    same river, different angle.

    And Finally Grafton.

    I had planned to stop off in Ballina, but my GPS wasn't updated with the new bypass, and i did pay attention to the signs, i messed the Ballina turn and headed straight for Byron Bay instead. Keep forgetting to bring water bottle. Must remember for next time, Fatigue starting to creep in due to dehydration.

    Stopped off at a Pie Shop in Byron Bay before making a direct line for home along the pacific highway.

    I still think the New England is quicker as it doesn't have anywhere near as many 50km zones, speed cameras, traffic and roadworks.

    In the end my previous one day record was something like 823km. My final distance was 888.9km. I felt i could have gone further, but was trying to make it home in time for dinner at a mates place.

    Shoei TRX helmet is a noisy helmet, even with earplugs i can still hear a high pitched wistle. I need to find better, warmer glove liners. Bike is great as always, Especially with the gel seat. Was not sore by the end of the run.

    Poor front tyre is shagged though and officially needs replacing asap, and the back isn't too far from needing the same.

    Have fun, and no matter how good the day could be, make sure you rug up before 7am.
  9. Benny Boy Looks like you had an awesome day.

    Good stuff.
  10. Great stuff Benny, good report and nice piccies mate.

    You've convinced me to get a gel seat for my cruiser too.

    Old mate from England says, "Wear some ladies Silk gloves under your winter gloves to keep hands warm."
  11. It was heaps of fun. It was the first times in months i really opened up the bike and just went for it. Once agin reminding myself how lucky i was at the start of the year to get pinged at 127km and not anything faster.
    I was more careful around corners, knowing my tyres were on the way out.

    My poor front tyre. This wasn't all done on this trip, but this trip has officially finished it.

    And Gel Seat, absolutely, best addition to the bike. Cost me $400, included the pillion seat. i went from sore bum after 80km, to riding all day.

    Silk gloves eh? If they work i'll give 'em a go.
  12. great report Benny Boy
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  13. Too many pics to choose from to only post one in the photo from your ride thread.

    Given recent parking policy changes at work, i can no longer park the motorbike, or car, on site. I have to park in the desinated area i the mall two black away. I have concerns for the wellbeing of my bike if it's parked there and as a result i don't ride to work anymore.

    This is why today was so good. First chance for a proper ride in weeks, and the weather was good. It appeared my riding was in good from today as my cornering seemed smooth as i made my way out of town.

    I had planned to do mt glorious, and take advantage of how smooth i seemed to be riding. Instead it felt so good to be out on the bike i just wanted to keep to the open road for a bit and enjoy the fast winding road that lead up to esk and somerset dam.

    first time i've bothered to stop and take a picture of the dam.

    I've passed this view many times, but stopped for the first time to take a picture. I did take one with the bike in it but it was out of focus.

    Further north, the source of the haze.
  14. The twisty roads around somerset were a lot rougher that i remembered, but still good fun.

    I headed along the D'agular highway to CJ pasteries in woodford for lunch. From Woodford i backtracked along Villenvue road. I was almost going to skip this road and head straight for peachester. Thankfully i didn't as it was a spectacular road.

    The road i mostly two lanes of bitumen, but there is a section or road where the bituman is barely wide enough for one car. Thankfully cars coming the other way were good enough to let me stay on the bitumen.

    it was worth it just to see the aircraft flying display and the MQ off road event in full swing. I stopped to watch them for a bit, but didn't take any photos.

    Even if those events weren't on it was worth riding the road for the views.


    I continued on to Peachester and down the bruce highway (complete with congestion) to visit some relative in deception bay before heading home. I missed out on doing mount glorious today, but there will always be next time; and that the joy of making it up as you go along. You might miss and old favourite but discover an new one.

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  15. looks like you had a really nice ride mate, quite jealous hahaha :)

  16. LOL THAT'S redonkulous
  17. Nice ride report with equally good pics

  18. Sounds like a great day out.
  19. Cheers, it was an awesome day. Judging by the amount of the bikes on the road i would say all the riders who had hibernated for the winter were out in droves taking adantage of the good weather.

    Can't wait for the christmas holidays and a another multi-day ride.