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ONE Bike....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kobo, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. If you seriously had to own only ONE motorcycle what would it be? Sounds easy but try to take it seriously and don't give a flip, ill-considered answer and you'll find it more difficult than you think. This is just an intellectual exercise as I simply can't imagine living with only one bike but life's a funny thing. My choice? A Kawasaki ER6F...
    Mods, if it's in the wrong place I am sorry and please move it...

    Kobo :cool:

  2. Kawasaki zxr 400.
  3. KLR650

    and I will be living with only one as of the end of this year, so this hasn't been an intellectual exercise for me personally
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    hp4. BMW1000RR - HP4...with all the optional fruit
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  5. BMW R1200R with custom yellow paint job.
  6. As this is not another... "My dream bike" thread. If I only had one bike?????

    I ride both tar and dirt, so I already have bikes to do both... However, If I only had one bike and had the money, I'd go with the
    :Triumph Tiger 800XC ABS
    Why? because it can do almost everything that this country has to offer;
    Big distances, twisties, 2-up riding, and the other 80% of the road networks(in Oz) that roadbikes are not really designed for.

    As I don't have the cash; the bike in my stable that I ride the most, is my DR650... although a slug on the straights, it will (an has) take me everywhere that I want to go. Cheap and easy to repair.
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  7. I'm with you @dobbo, I would have the Tiger 800 also. If I had to sell all four bikes I have and be restricted to one, then I could easily pay for it, and it would take me everywhere I could want to go in some comfort and style.
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  8. As above....

    For me it would be an Adventure bike such as the Tiger 800 or BMW 800 GS.............

    If it truly was going to be the only bike - I would still need it for commuting - thus the smaller Tiger or GS (the 800's) would be more appropriat than the 1050 and 1200 respectively.
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  9. I actually said that just in case some one wanted to give me one.:)

    In reality, out of my current three motorcycles, I could live without the Honda Z50, as it isn't really a USEFUL motorbike.... great fun, but not too useful.

    I could live without the Triumph Street Triple, which, tho I love it dearly (like the Honda) it doesn't allow me to carry a passenger, or luggage.

    I couldn't live without my BMW R850R, which does most stuff really well, and without fuss or drama.

    The Beemer isn't as cute as the Honda, or as fast as the Striple, but it is really useful motorcycle.
  10. Big adventure tourer for maximum versatility. My current DR would do (well it is currently my only working bike) but ideally an R1200GS.

    Mind you, my old GSX550 toured with plenty of luggage, scratched with the best of them, didn't cripple pillions, negotiated a few dirt tracks and muddy fields and, in the end, had a sidecar stuck on it and pulled that with a degree of competence. Trouble is, Suzuki haven't made them for 25 years. Bastards.
  11. I have only one. And I'm very happy with her. Got no time for more bikes - I have other hobbies as well :p
  12. ^^^ splitter!
  13. I'm with CrazyCam.....c'mon @nina it's about one bike not more bikes you party pooper you :)
  14. Huh? I did say which one bike. The one I've got. I just happen to like her :)
    But then again, I've never done dirt... if I would ride dirtbikes as well, then that would be a different story!
  15. If I had to choose a bike to have in preparation for the zombie apokalips it would have to ba a Ural with sidecar ... with machine gun mounted :cool:

    I have my bugout bag ready :cautious:
  16. Didn't know zombies had Apoka lips ;)
  17. I've been down the multiple bike path (at one point I had 5) but I've come to the conclusion that I don't have the time to justify owning more than 1 or 2.

    My one bike has to put a smile on my face when I ride it and it has to be capable of being loaded up and heading into the sunset when the urge hits me.

    My Harley switchback works well for that but If I had the money I'd have a CVO Road King instead of the switchback, bit out of my price range though.
  18. so easy... this bike of course


    that is until they make these

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