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One Bike, One Newb, One Road (Long)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Choofalong, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Sooo... this is gonna sound.. a bit out there, but I'd like for some to put some serious thought into this, as I am just going off an IDEA, and have no idea of the Logistics, or anything for that matter, apart from a drunken query on a Website that has sorta escalated...

    Here's the Idea!

    A TOTAL Newb, who's never ridden anything with a Clutch, riding around Australia, Capital Cities being the markers.

    I got the idea from a Magazine, a LONG time ago, where a guy took a Postie around the same route. Hard to imagine, but it really stuck in my head (at least 10 years ago, Australasian POST) and from memory, was a great example of the relability and ruggedness of the machine.

    What Bike I want to use: I don't really want to mention brand or anything: suffice to say it's a Chinese-made Road bike, 150cc, Liquid Cooled and the company itself hasn't baulked at the initial enquiry: quite the contrary, they've taken real interest and see it as a Challenge!

    What I need: Some basic advice!
    Have I bitten off more then I can chew? I'm pretty much reknown for my Stamina, and ability to keep focused on even "mundane" tasks for an extrodinary amount of time, and I learn pretty fast, or so I have been told repeatedly.

    Is it even POSSIBLE to do this, on a Learner License (Going through all states) and are all Capitals Linked with Tarred roads/Highways? (Obviously not Hobart/Tasmainia: I am sticking to the mainland)

    If not going Sightseeing, just pure riding as often as possible, is 3 months a reasonable timeframe? I have read a couple round Australia Bike rides online... but nothing about anything under a 650 >.<

    If your a company/PR person: would this even interest you? It seems kinda risky and might not payoff: question is; would the chance of it success and the publicity that could generate outwiegh that risk?

    What THEY want: atm,
    they just asking for a Basic Timetable, This is the main thing I am having issues coming up with: for all the research on Round the Country Trips, nothing much is on smaller bikes: bigger Enduros or massive Crusiers seem to be the main choice... being a Leaner: at least in NSW I am restricted to 80KPH, so I assume I am gonna be later in the from 1 month to 4 months regularly mentioned when it comes to trips of the same idea.

    what they would have to contribute:, Basically the Bike (They can put all the Advertisements they want on it) and parts/repairs. Safety Gear is going to be open for other advertisment spots and such. Fuel and Insurance is another matter... nothing planned for that yet, but figuring I don't have to worry about that sort of stuff until near last thing.

    how would I promote the Company: Beside the advertisements on the bike, I'll be starting a Blog, and keeing a Video Diary, which, in turn will be put together for a Book. Yes, I have some friends in the industry, so I got support in that area, there are a few around, but nothing... quite like this idea that I have been able to find, anyways.

    and what Media would I be focusing on. Basically, at the start, it'll be the Blog, Facebook and Twitter. Once trip is completed and I put the draft together for an Editor to have a look at to see if it up to the standard, I'll have an Idea of where to push, in terms of marketing, But I figure I'll generate some interest along the way with something or other, in terms of Media... they bloody everywhere, after all, lol

    If your still here after all that, Thanks for your time, and looking forward to any and all helpful posts!
  2. More than you can chew? I think you've already choked and died.
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  3. Haters gunna hate.

    It's up to you dude, far be it from me to stand in the way of someone planning what could be the trip they remember forever. It's not like no-one has ever been around Australia before. And if you can charm a bike outta someone, go for it.

    Not long ago Stu did the circumnavigation on a bike (not a Chinese one and not on Ls though). Check this thred here.

    He did the 20,000kms in 47 days, so your three months on Ls would be plenty or even more than needed.

    You may not want to do it in the middle of Summer though, just sayin'.
  4. Its not about hating. Its about having a small grasp on reality. What business is going to want to sponsor a pot smoking learner? I sure as hell wouldn't be putting my business name on the line but hey if you think there are some out there that would help him find one.
  5. let him dream Aly.. And IF he makes it good luck to him, if he doesnt, well at least he tried.. You'd think there'd be no 'pot smoking' while he is riding, sounds like the bike he might use would not offer any protection at all.
    We all have dreams!!
  6. There's "dreams" and then there is "fairyland".

    Wanting to ride around Australia on an underpowered bike = dream
    Wanting to ride around Australia on an underpowered bike while having someone fund it = fairyland

    My upgrade bike = fairyland :)

    He did ask for all opinions. :)
  7. Sachs Madass around Australia has been done. Its all been done, its not hard anymore with tar all the way round.
  8. i kinda have to agree.. for someone with no ridding experience its a big task ... i did Sydney down to Ade via the GOR on my Ps and the 600ks + days where a killa and i have been ridding since i was 4yrs old.... MMMM if it was me i would probably hold off for a few more yrs get some experience on a bike before i would go do something like that... ridding a bike is not like a car you have to concentrate that much more.. And is this Company keen to give someone with no experience a bike for nothing ???
  9. Only riding on hwy's at night like he said in his other thread?
  10. I did just think of something though....since you will be getting sponsored....why not get at least a 250?
  11. No one is going to sponsor someone being in hospital after hitting a roo.
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  12. OK, I first joined netrider as I wanted info about riding to London. My expectation is that I will do it in 6 years time when the kids are all finally over 18.

    There are some great threads stickied in the Roads, tourning and riding diaries threads. This is a possible place to start in terms of what you may need to carry with you, such as repair kits etc.

    A couple of useful websites are advrider and horizonsunlimited which are more specifically for touring anywhere and everywhere. Look there for some inspiration.

    Lastly, there is a guy by the name of nathanthepostman (a registered user here), who rode from Sydney to London on a postie bike. He has a book out. I would suggest that you read about his adventures.
  13. Are you intending to support any charity while doing this?
  14. They call that medicare
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  15. A fund raising element would make this more appealing to potential sponsors. Although that means you walk way with nothing but the experience to show for your troubles.
  16. To address OP.

    Yes - this is a big ask and you have a massive task ahead if you're going to pull this off.
    N0 - it is not impossible with full support and funding..........but is anything impossible under the correct circumstances? eh?

    I wouldn't do it - but if you do - congratulations - make it worth something and do it for the right cause.

    Just my 2c
  17. I doubt if you'll get any commercial interest but I reckon it would be worth giving it a go anyway, just for the sake of having done it.

    500 km a day would be easy, with plenty more available under good conditions, so a month should see you all the way round very comfortably.

    You'll probably have to do your own servicing at the side of the road so be prepared for that.

    As for lack of riding experience, I wouldn't see that as an obstacle in itself. I was doing 13-14 hour days on my old Step-Thru with a grand total of 3 months under my belt and it never prersented a problem, although, realistically, it wouldn't have been a good idea to string several of those together, hence my rather conservative daily kilometerage above.

    I'd give it a crack if I had no other commitments.
  18. Well, I think it's an excellent idea, if you can get sponsorship that is.

    It has been done; on Sachs, on Posties, on pushbikes... so why would someone want to sponsor another trip? Well the manufacturer of this particular bike might be interested because it promotes *their* bike.. Chinese bikes need all the help they can get in order to improve the perception of their poor quality and reliability so I can see why they would be interested.

    As mentioned, tying it up with some charity might be another way of getting the sponsorship, as would be pushing the 'newbie' aspect.

    But frankly I don't think there is any great riding skill involved - travelling between our capitals (and yes, it's tar all the way) means mostly barrelling down straight, boring highways. The biggest challenge would be not falling asleep, and not becoming somebody's hood ornament.
    The skills involved here are not riding but mechanical - keeping the bike in running order and dealing with any roadside repairs, that's the key. One thing you might want to look into is availability of tires for your bike along the way.

    You do NOT want to travel at night, at dusk or early mornings! Which means accommodation. Finding, booking and paying for. :)

    Time frame... it will probably take longer than you expect. Unless you are going to go for the timing aspect, why not take it easy and count on covering something like 500kms in a day? Of course you could do a lot more than that, but I think it is a reasonable and sustainable distance to do day after day, especially on a small bike. Is it a naked bike, btw?
  19. Something to consider is what range you will get out of the bike. You may need rather frequent fuel stops - that can be a good thing.
    You might also need a support vehicle for many reasons (including possibly fuel). That might allow you to camp out and cut some costs but will, naturally, increase the overall cost.
  20. I say go for it ! don't let the naysayers drain you of your dream.

    Of course you have to be realistic. If you want to make a DVD of your trip for broadcast or sale later you will neee to make all those arrangements before setting out. After is usually too late.

    Read a book called "Around Australia theh Hard Way in 1929", A couple of fellas went around Australia, in 1929 (appropriate title then) on a Harey Davidson.
    Given the looming depression the extent of HD sponsorhip was a knitted jumper for each of them ! It's a bloody good read though.

    Back on topic - I get the impression that your potential sponsor (bike supplier) is new in the market and sees this as a way of spruiking to supposed reliability of their bike in Australian conditions. If so, don't make the mistake of assuming this means the bike will be reliable, make sure you do carry appropriate spares and fluids, tools etc to service the thing, as has been suggested. And I'm not saying this due to the fact it's Chinese. A recent trip to prove how good the Mercedes G-Wagen is resulted in ALL of those $150K odd vehicles breaking down!

    Good luck with it, I hope it comes off for you, but you will have to work and work hard to bring this to fruition so be prepared for that !