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once owned scoota ready for a real hello to the riding world

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by catluva, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. Hi to all fellow NRs,

    YES I have had the most rude awakening to my riding life.
    Pillion on a mates bike!

    OMG what a blast we had so much fun, I have sold my Aprillia 250 Scoota :oops: to get something with gears!!!

    Originally the scoota was good for work because of the top box - and being able to dump all my gear in there, but theres just so much more to owning a bike than just riding to work....and she just couldn't cut the mustard like my mates bikes.....lol

    I just cant understand why I never went for my Ls on the CB 250 It would have saved a hell of alot of mucking around!

    I know I have buckets to learn and that why I am here
    I am just so confused with all the options that are out there interms of sports Vs cruisers - i've been reading a few theads but still don't quite get it.

    I guess I'll just have to go and check out some of the different seating positions to get the feel for what is comfy for my first GEARED bike!!! :oops:
    Does anyone have any ideas on bikes about 2003 upward?
    your advice much valued!
  2. Have a look at a Suzuki Across. Has a storage place (where the tank should be) for a full size helmet, and when your riding you can put your stuff in there.

    I also found it an excellent bike to ride as a learner
  3. THANKS luke


  4. I think you might be asking for too much. I think the latest year for an Across is 98/99. and there are very few around with less than 20,000kms.

    I sold mine for about that much and it was a 98 with 30,000kms.

    Good luck finding something
  5. I guess thats why I am here really, to learn from you guys as to what i should expect and what is good value...

    so i really do apreciate your insight I am thinking you may be rite about the across. A friend suggested to me that it would be a good style of bike as I use the top box on the scooter to the max for work.

    I'll take on board what you said about expecting too much.maybe a bike thats had say 30K on the clock and has been maintained properly is better than a bike with less on it and has been neglected.
  6. G'day Catluva,

    Welcome to the Board.
  7. Hey Catluva

    Welcome to Netrider
    you have certainly come to the right place for great advice

    I bought my GPX250 new when i was in Darwin so cant help you much with second hand ones.

    I find this to be an excellent learner bike and I have not to this day dropped it *touch wood* and I am 6 weeks from being off my restrictions (not that I am counting at all :LOL: ) so I guess its fair to say that not all have been dropped.

    If you wwant a second opinion on a bike that you are possibly looking at perhaps put out a request to the forum for somebody else to have a look at it for a second opinion, but first you will have to put your location into your profile

    Good luck in your search and welcome to bikes

  8. thanks tracey

    Hey thats a great Idea
    I'll do that as soon as the long weekend is over.I intend to have a look in this weeks papers as well.
  9. There's a whole world of bikes in between sports and cruisers. You also have tourers, sports tourers, nked bikes etc.
    For what you seem to be doing (commuting) I'd be looking at naked bikes. Any bike can have a top box fitted, so don't let that worry you.
    You may even find a small tourer works for you, with panniers for mega storage, plus a nice comfortable riding position.
    I'd just wander around some bike shops, and talk to the sales people about what you want to do.
    Of course, here is also a great place to start!

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. tx andrew

    Hey thanks for your advice- when you mention tourer do you mean something like the virago?

    I am happy to put rack on it but i would prefer to give the saddle bags a miss!

    You know what they say about women and hand bags....the bigger the bag the more s!*t will get stuffed in it!

    The toss up is between naked and ferring. SO i will go about looking at everything that i can get a chance to. THen i will further refune what it is that i want and hopefully i wont get anymore cofused about the issue than i already am : )

  11. welcome Ange,
    are you still restricted to 250cc? or do you just prefer to start off learning gears on a 250? if you're not restricted maybe look at something a little bigger perhaps the LAMS approved bikes, Suzuki GS500, Kawasaki ER-5, or even the sexy ER6f, might need to up your budget a little but you'll probably be keeping the bike a bit longer and have better choice of newer bikes.
  12. Hi catluva, welcome to the world of real motorbikes :wink:

    Are you still on restrictions, hence asking about 250s?

    First thing you need to work out is what style bike you want, i.e. cruiser or something sportier. Cruisers like the Viragos are great for some but I know of a few people who have bought a cruiser and soon found it limiting in terms of performance, cornering etc. so they upgrade to something sportier. There's definitely no shortage of Netriders with the super-popular Virago though! Best to buy what you will want in the longer term first up :)

    If you want a non-cruiser then I would recommend going for a naked first up as any drops or minor accidents will be much easier and cheaper to fix (though if you do a lot of freeway commuting you may want a bike with a screen for some wind protection). The naked Honda VTR250 is a great bike but may not come within your price range (under $4500?). It's older brother, the Spada, comes in the $3-4k range though they are older. There are a number of other nakeds available.

    All the best with your next bike :)
  13. :grin:
    Yep i am on Ls atm and want to learn on a geared bike so i guess for a little while i'll be on a 250cc
    I am leaning toward the VTR atm and I also like the zzr
    Am on the look out over the weekend, I will try to view some that I've been watching on Ebay and the trading post.

    Thank you for all your advice netriders. :wink:

  14. Hi Catluva,

    I'd tend to lean towards the VTR, but I'm a little biased as I own it's big Sister, the VTR1000 Firestorm. What bike does your mate own? It must of been nice to have such an effect.


    Firestorm :wink:
  15. Re: tx andrew

    No! A Virago is a cruiser.
    A tourer is a bike built for touring oddly enough, but they usually make great commuters(over longer distances) due to riding position, torquey engines, weather protection and luggage capacity.
    A tourer:
    Once you've had panniers, you never go back!
    However, if you are sretricted to a 250, you can't have a tourer yet.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. Firestorm!

    Thats funny I think It was a firestorm that I was pillion on! Top bloke to ride with, knows the zone!

    Realy blasted my socks orff and then some!

    Have been totally convinced of the worth of getting a motorbike because of him, so if anything goes wrong I've got someone to blame! lol!!

    Thank you for your advice Firestorm completly taken on board![/quote]
  17. No worries, mate. Anytime :wink:
  18. Well what a great day to buy a bike!

    Well saturday saw me sitting on several bikes
    the ZZR was ok good ergonomics for bmy build prob 4/5
    the CB was a 5/5 for fit
    CBR 4/5 the seating was HARD but I was nice and upright
    the hyosung I was sitting with my hips almost popping out! and my toes were barely on the ground! -1/5!
    the bandit and zeal felt top heavy to me 2/5
    and the VTR was good too 5/5 for comfort and positoning.....SO

    This morning as it happened, a special person found me a 2004 VTR on the trading post.
    I decided today to have him test ride it for me.....lol Cause :grin: I still have to learn the gear thing!

    He came back with a good report and well I paid a deposit on it.

    I am very excited it has a madas exaust on it! it sounds grouse so thank you all very much I will keep you all posted on it and i will put a pic up just a soon as I can download it off my phone!

    very happy chappy yay!

    Thanks FireStorm
  19. No worries at all. As biased as I am, that little VTR REALLY impressed me. That exhaust gives it a great note, but the pick up of the little twin was surprising. They feel great, handle well and are very comfortable to ride, what more could you want ...... maybe another 750cc's of engine :twisted:

    Happy riding hun,

    Firestorm :grin: :grin: :grin: