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Once bitten......twice shy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Chef, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. There's a special place in Hell set aside for reformed motorcyclists who feel compelled to spruik the evils of riding after they've decided it's not for them, and I'll be applying for the job of doorman and eagerly look forward to my role of welcoming them in...



    ....this is so full of stupid they shouldn't be hard to spot when they arrive.

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  2. What a pricklittle. I hate him already.
    Bet he never played footy in his life either. Touch doesn't count faggot.
    Bet he thought he would get laid more riding. Or he might finally get a stiffy for girls.

    We tell them and we tell them chef but that just wont listen.
    Real men get back on faggots walk away crying like a baby.
    Bikes are not dangerous. People are.
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  3. Yep.

    The up side to these people is that they provide cheap second hand bikes.

    One of the guys I know just bought a Triumph America very cheap. Apprantly the previous owners wife had told him to sell it after SHE had an accident.
  4. Special place in hell indeed. What utter crap. Not only that, just further FUD and incorrect rubbish being sprouted as well as promoting anti-MC mentalities
  5. Genevieve's hysterical emotions and staid stereotypes have convinced me to give up living passionately because it involves risks.

    I never thought that one could be hurt motorcycling.
    (I guess my ignorance is based on an adult life of daily riding without an accident - fool me!)
  6. It's fucking crap isn't it? One little dose of reality and they lose their bowel control. What the fuck did they think was going to happen when they bought the bloody things? They shouldn't be allowed to sell them they should just have them taken off them and be forced into their cages and have the doors welded shut. Monkey fiddling fucktards.
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  7. P.S. If he and she was out riding without accepting the reality that you can come off, and it can hurt or worse in the first place, they are the stupid ones. Anyone who rides knows that it is always a possibility. If they didn't face that reality, should never have been on a bike in the first place.

    I love this:

    Wtf is she doing wearing a helmet that old? Any basic riding course will advise you not to wear a helmet more than 5 years old because the protection deteriorates. This little gem just goes to show that not only does she not know what she is talking about, but isn't even aware of what she is wearing.

    For me, this is a cager on a motorcycle. Not a motorcyclist IMO. A motorcyclist knows the risks and is prepared to face them. I refuse to be identified with these sort of people.
  8. Maybe ShedMan should have spent more time on the bike as opposed to hanging out in his shed - I'm only speculating that where his retarded nickname comes from.

    "He swears he wasn't going too fast but when he took a corner the wheels just seemed to slip out from under him"................ ...........yeah, lack of cornering skills equates to packing up your shit and wrapping yourself up in pink cotton wool.

    And, WTF is up with that picture used in the story. Highsiding on a straight and I'm a bit perplexed as to who was riding the bike...............the flying helmet or the knobjockey model?

  9. Read a few sentences, disgusted. Life is short. Not going to waste the little precious time left to me reading cr@p like that.
  10. Does she get aggro at all the people building up to a heart attack in a maccas? Or working on cancer with a ciggie hanging out of their mouths? Does she rage against sun bathers? etc etc

    ...I'll be applying for the job of doorman and eagerly look forward to my role of welcoming them in... Hope ya give them a good serve on the way in Cheffie. :twisted:
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  11. The trouble is these people think:

    either a person knows the risks and so chooses not to ride

    or they must be unaware of the risks.

    In the case of Genevieve and Sulk Man, they've fooled themselves into the second category - which gives a hint about the degree of lucidity with which they live their lives generally - and now assume that everybody else lives as inauthentically as them.

    It's like the conversation with that middle-aged fellow who has been superficial and materialistic all his life, and now having lost it all in a divorce is trying to lecture to you that there's more to life than the status you achieve through possessions. "Thanks for the lecture fool, I couldn't work that out at the age of 16!"
  12. This thread needs a soundtrack

    I think they went from this...

    ...to this...
  13. +1

    You speak for me Matty I'm still not lucid due to a blinding rage.
  14. Personally - my favourite example is horseriding, which simply has a higher risk than motorcycling. However because it has animals, people willingly throw their kids on them etc. Use that argument, and in a split second it shows how irrational the anti-mc mentality is
  15. The woman's a total and complete loser and the sooner the bloke realises that the happier he'll be.

    Anyone who allows himself to be referred to as "Shedman" really needs to have a good look at himself (as well as whatever it is he's partnered up with).

    As for the unpleasant friends - words fail me...
  16. I had my first crash (big, scary high speed slide in heavy traffic and inadequate gear, but lucky enough to just lose a bit of bark and have my leg go purple :D) two years before buying my first bike. Presumably my appreciation of cause and consequence hasn't developed to the satisfaction of these people.

    Oh yeah, and if you can ride the bastard home, it ain't worth sooking about and it certainly doesn't justify giving up.
  17. I can't help but picture the helmet as belonging to a rider poking his head around the corner...


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  18. Why do you think he's called Shedman? Maybe doesn't spend much time inside???


    There's a lot of this vacuous shit floating around, I'm worried that it won't go away if we ignore it...
  19. I love it!!!! You're spot on and i needed that laugh. Waddafuckingsook.
  20. Actually that's got me thinking. If his hand and knee were that banged up how the fuck did he ride it home anyway.