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Onboard camera suggestions

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by shady_knife, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. i'd like to get a camera i can attach to my bike (not helmet) for around the cost of 200.

    i asked jamesthewonderful about his camera, a sony bloggie, whilst it looks like a great camera, its $250 + shipping on fleabay, and it seems to have some whiz bang 360 degree thing

    i only want the camera to video and sound would be a bonus, don't want any special features which i'd end up paying more for (i think) i've checked a few other threads on here about camera's, but each seem to be fairly persons needs specific.

    so yeah, anyone got any decent camera's for around the 200 mark that can attach to fairings/tank ect without little/no vibration and a decent enough for youtube picture? sound would be a bonus.

    fleabay seems to list mostly helmet cams when i search "motorcycle camera"

    if you could provide a link that would be great.


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  4. On the vibration front, to reduce vibration you want:
    * Light weight camera.
    * Stiff camera mount. (can have foam-rubber pads to reduce the low-amplitude, high-frequency vibration, mind you).

    Might seem counterintuitive - "Why wouldn't you want the mount to absorb the bumps?"

    Essentially, the best you can usually do is to make sure the camera doesn't move at all relative to the bike. Otherwise the video becomes noticably "shakey". It'll look fine so long as the camera is "rigid" with the bike.

    The lighter the camera is, the less stiff the mounting needs to be to hold it still.
  5. Check these guys out, I have ordered one and I'm waiting for it to be delivered. I did a bit of research looking for something reasonable without breaking the bank, I ordered the 2010 full size XC with a handlebar mount, my order came to about $220 US shipped.

  6. let me know when you get it fitted up and we can go for a spin and check it out, am interested to see the image quality (y)

    Thanks for the blast yesterday had a ball, also watch the footage form danny's bike, some good but in there 8-[ =D>
  7. I have a GoPro. limitless mounting options and good quality. a little bit pricer than your price range though.

    watch the online videos to get a look at the quality.

  8. Will do, had a great ride too mate, knackered this morning though!
  9. yeah i went and got one anyway, oh well. just have to save elsewhere i suppose... haha

  10. also keen to get your review on it, i was looking at the 3D version