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On Ze Hunt!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Makybe05, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Basically i've got my finances in order, so now I'm on ze hunt!.

    Living in Wagga Wagga means that theres not too many opportunities to buy bikes from here so im on the lookout probably within say 250km's of Wagga so i guess that includes ACT and Albury.

    I've been doing some research and i have a budget of basically upto around probably 2500 maybe 2800 and was looking at gpx250 or across or maybe a zzr. Dunno any thoughts? (Im 6 foot 1 will that make much difference??)

    Seeing there isnt too many bikes coming up in wagga is it worth maybe getting someone off netriders to go have a look at a bike say in Syd then maybe travelling up there or getting it transported down?

    Ive got about 2-3 months until i hit panic mode. I guess i should just take it steady and then the right bike will come up around here somewhere (Hopefully :) )

    *Rant over*
  2. maybe,

    are you looking at buying private or from dealer?

    if your answer is private i suggest reading the used motorcycle guide, its an oldie but a goodie


    as for wagga wagga bike availabilty iv got nothing.....
  3. Private.

    Ha yea i guess i will just sit and wait. Set on a gpx mainly because of the price of them and everyone says there pretty reliable. Would like a zzr or an across. Possible on a budget upto $2800??
  4. They are, but at that budget you're going to get something pretty.. budget. Hehe. Either lots of cosmetic damage or mid 90s, 30-40k kms, private sale.

    Across or gpx (gpx esp) would be better for your price range.
  5. probably about 90% or more of across will blow that budget by at least $1000, i will have a look around here in canberra for you
  6. Thanks that would be much appreciated
  7. Hey - I'm not sure if geography has anything to do with price but I was looking at a similar bike and for even $4K the choice was pretty poor - beaten up farings, ridiculous amounts of K's on bikes with pretty much no service history available. I don't know if its possible for you to wait and save up a bit more money because if you get something in better condition as the resale may get you most of your money back when you want to upgrade. Plus, buying a cheaper bike may mean that you have to spend a fair bit more on maintenance and you run the risk of it breaking down.
  8. hmm alot of decisions. I think i want to spend not too much then if i crash or whateva or drop it ill have money left to pay. I dont receive the biggest pay packet ever doing casual work. Will have to talk it over with the parents.
  9. I understand your concerns with money but remember that you're going to have insurance on top of it anyway - if you get comprehensive then this will alleviate your "crash concerns" somewhat. Besides, it's always better to pay a little more and get something that will do the job properly and that you will really enjoy riding as opposed to something that you may loathe later on or may cost you more in servicing etc.
  10. www.bordermail.com.au

    The Classifieds for Albury are on-line so you can easily check them out. Good luck with your search.
  11. Wagga Wagga what a beautiful place do they still have that huge swimming slide?

    Good luck with the bike
  12. Ha ha please dont ask, it hurts. They took it down and built the 'White Elephant' more commonly known as the Oasis swimming centre costing the council $17 mil to build and now every year its losing money. Bit of a debacle. The slide is sitting at a council wreckers place, it was good fun i wish they would bring it back.

    Thanks to by the way Dave for the border mail stuff, it all helps!
  13. with nsw having lams, you can actually pick up a decent older 250 for a lower price, just not the rarer ones, such as the cbr250rr aus model, fzr250, gsx-r250 and the across, the 250 prices here do tend to drop with a bit of age, for a quite reasonable condition bike
  14. +1
  15. On your tight budget, and considering your location, I think you should be taking advantage of LAMS. The bikes you want frankly will be a big ask for your budget, and you'll pick up other LAMS bikes, that are not as popular, but every bit as good a bike as what you're after, with change fron $2k.
    Considering the price range of the type of bike you want, the older LAMS bieks will be no less reliable, and may even end up cheaper to maintain and run due to less breakdowns.
    I was on a LAMS 650 for around $1500 INCLUDING gear. I still regret selling that bike too.
    Just my opinion.

    Regards, Andrew.