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On your bikes, says Brumby [vic]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by pete, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/national/on-your-bikes-says-brumby-20081206-6swo.html

    Hooray, finally motorcycles mentioned as part of the solution to traffic congestion in this city.

    Is it true that we may be seeing a bit of common sense applied by our government?

    Not quite sure what is meant by this though. Should we be scared?

  2. Re: On your bikes, says Brumby

    No doubt an increase of the compulsory safety level from $50 to $100 to fund additional advertising campaigns, and legislative requirements that all new motorcycles be fitted with airbags, seatbelts, rollcages, stability control, traction control and electronic brake-force distribution. And while they're at it, GPS locators will be fitted at the owner's cost to all motorcycles to tackle the high incidence of undetected speeding and parking infringements associated with motorcycle riders. :wink:

    Interesting that the article mentions priority signals and lanes for cyclists but not for motorcyclists. Mr Brumby, if you are serious about reducing traffic congestion, why don't you legalise traffic filtering for powered two wheeled vehicles as endorsed by the VACC, VMAC, MRAA, NR, etc?
  3. To quote from the policy

    Melbourne has a wide range of road users – from passenger vehicles, to trams and buses, to trucks and light commercial vehicles, to motorcycles and scooters, to bicycles and pedestrians – all competing for road space


    Enabling people to walk, choose public transport, ride motor bikes, scooters and bicycles will reduce emissions, but also free up valuable road space for the movement of freight.

    and the important mention

    VicRoads is currently working on improved safety, awareness and parking for motorbikes and scooters in conjunction with the Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council and local governments. These measures will encourage greater use of these lower carbon forms of transport.

    The actual Powered Two Wheeler Transport and Safety Strategy will go to VMAC on Thursday. So far it's been a subcommittee looking at it and providing input. It then goes to the Minister for sign-off and will be released in the New Year.

    There are some minor things we may want to see changed, but in general, it's an excellent strategy and action plan. It covers a very ride range of things and a lot of the stuff we've advocated over the past few years gets mentioned.
  4. Oh yes - before people get paranoid at the mention of the word parking, it's about improving parking. Things like providing secure scooter parking at transport hubs etc. and providing motorcycle parking in places like strip shopping areas where you have narrow footpaths.

    The sort of thing I've put in submissions and (to give him his due) that Damien has also argued for for some time.