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On which side of Helmet goes your Action-Cam ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Muttrider, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. Hi there,

    I just bought a Ghost-S action-cam to monitor my surroundings, but can't tell which side would be best to mount it.

    This probably a silly question, but I'd rather get it right the first time. I was planning to put it on the right side, since I commute a lot of Two-lane roads, but probably not the best for Highways and Motorways (unless I travel in the slow-lane. There is also the ease of operation to consider- Left hand/Right hand. For me, my Left hand has the most freedom (disregarding cruise-control).
    Any suggestions ?

  2. I have two, a GoPro and a contour. The GoPro is bulky and while I have mounts on the chin and the top of my helmet I end up only using the front one. It gets a perfect field of view, and is mounted low so it is not visible to me. The contour has a flatter and bullet shape so I mount that on the top of the helmet. Again it gives a perfect field of view.
  3. How about top of the helmet?
  4. Ok, nice. I'm not sure if I can mount this one to the chin section (not with included accessories anyway) My bike is pretty damn high so mounting in on the Chin or side should still be unobstructed, since I can't do the Chin, which side is best for OZ roads mate ?

    The reason I want to Side-mount it is because I have a large (touring) front fairing that stops 99% of buffeting until just over the eye-line. If I top-mount it, it will be exposed to a lot of wind. That and It's not very inconspicuous. :S
  5. image13_l.
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  6. I don't think the field of view is much different if it is mounted on the left or right, but I'd probably go for the right so that if anything you get a better view of the oncoming traffic, which is where I see behaviours of interest.
  7. Good point rcheli32, thanks for the input!

    *starts tinkering*
  8. Which side do you expect the police to be approaching from ?
  9. Is it that much of a hassle swapping locations? You make it sound like your choice is permanent. With a wide lens, it doesn't really matter what side you use. Its a personal choice.
  10. In my area, usually from the side streets. :S

    The attachment of the mounting bracket is a one-use-only deal. I'd rather not buy additional brackets if I can help it. Thanks for the info on the wide lenses, I forgot to ask about that.
  11. Oh Ok, I get you now.
  12. My camera is on the right and communications on the left.
  13. O my good god hahahahaha at least he's prepared

    Ah and OP, I'm going to have mine at the top :)