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on what percentage does prices drop on new designs?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bluebear69, May 2, 2011.

  1. curious question

    new design come all the time

    2004 yamaha r1
    2006 r1
    2009 r1

    ducati 999 - 1098 - 1198

    etcc list goes on

    just wondering since i never had a look on prices after new model comes out
    whats the expected %% or figure would old stone (models) lose value

    or if any at all

    only reason why i ask its about that time where or should most manufactures release some new machines for 2012
  2. It depends on the model.

    The 1098 and the 1198 is basically the same looking bike so it would have had less impact than the 1098 replacing the 999. The 999 was always a very polarising design (you either love it or hate it).

    So it depends on the model and what changes were made.

    Are you trying to predict how cheap you will get a certain model that is being replaced?
  3. Depends on the market segment too. 600s are sensative to new models. Nobody wants a 4 year all 600.

    1000s are less sensitive because even a 10 year 1000 is still a fast bike.

    The dirt bike scene is really trend driven too.
  4. well wat i meant was a new model would come out
    so for exameple when the 1198 came out there were still some 1098 on stock at ducati that needed to be sold

    how much did they reduce them?
  5. Tough question - might be easier to solve cold fusion.

    Prices are driven solely by market forces. Sometimes a new model is deemed to be less attractive than the old. Have a look at what 996/998s are bringing compared to 999s.

    Sometimes, as time rolls on, bikes that were considered unattractive when new become really desirable later on.
  6. The answer is still similar. Dealers will have trouble getting rid of old model trendy bikes, but less trendy ones will hardly devalue at all. I'd expect to only save a couple of hundred on last years gs500 for example. The learner market is also influential here.

    Mind you, if they have 2010 stock in place at the moment I'd be bargaining really hard. Firstly the fact they still have it in stock means the model isn't worth what they are asking and secondly, it will only be a few months now and the market will be talking about 2012 models. No dealer wants to be holding onto a model that is 2 years out of date.
  7. I remember seeing the 999's at 15% off the previous price. I think that is a fair bit but its a maligned model. Who knows what the actual price was if you went in and flashed cash.

    Someone mentioned that that shop at Homebush is doing 1198 at 848 price atm.
  8. It depends upon what part of the dirt bike scene you're talking about. ADV dirt bike riders are still buying DR650's, DRZ400's, KLR650 and similar older designs in great numbers. Last ride I went on (with 14 bikes) half the bikes were DR650's, all less than 3 years old.
  9. i agree with zrx, depends which part of the dirt scene you're talking about.

    with ADV dudes, it doesnt really matter about the bike. but if you talk to mx riders they usually update every year or less.

    never to an old model.
  10. Your basic thou when it comes out is at say 21,999 RR + ORC roughly. Ones on the floor at roll over are at 17,999 ride away. Different makes bring out new models in different months.
    And it depends a lot on the change in the bike. 999 to 1098 was a biggy. A no contest.
    I would and did keep my 998. God that thing was fugly.
  11. Yep agree. More talking about the water cooler weekend warriors.
  12. Interesting topic.
    I suppose you are trying to predict what will happen to the 1198/1198SP when the new Ducati super bike is unveiled later this year and goes on sale next year?

    I have an order in for an 848 Evo.

    I'll stick with it as I love the damn thing and apparently they are moving away from the trellis frame. Fail.
  13. exactly what im trying to do
    late this year the new Decati sportsbike will be released
    Frameless - relys on engine as the center piece

    why are im trying to work out this
    1198 and 848 has some of the best look since ages
    otho i only like white
    good chance i may not like the 2012 version so i will hard bargain for 2010 model