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On Two Wheels - TV Show

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mjt57, May 23, 2009.

  1. Flicking through the pay television channels a couple of nights ago I came across a show on the Aurora Channel called "On Two Wheels".

    It appears to be a production by amateurs (not a term of derision), but professionally done in terms of production quality.

    I caught the segment as they went to a WIMA ride in Perth and the promotion of a website, probably the WA version of Netrider called Perth Riders or something similar.

    I've not heard of this show before and wondering who here has.

    Aurora doesn't have an EPG that goes very far into the future so I couldn't see when it's on next. But will keep an eye out for it.
  2. There is a Perth Rider and a Perth Street Bikes forum - lot of coverage for a city with bugger-all good bike roads!

    Re: OTW, no idea, sorry, don't have PayTV.
  3. I had a look on foxtel's website and found that 'On Two Wheels' is on Monday at 8pm on Aurora. I'd never heard of this show before but I might have a look on Monday.
  4. So, what we need is a Netrider collection to get the Mighty Mods boys on the TV; they'd blitz most of these other shows.
  5. I've programmed the Mystar (Austar's version of the iQ PVR) to record it. Hopefully it'll be a good watch.
  6. there is a Two wheel Torque show on channel 31 I think, saw it in the tv guide on Tuesdays I think.
  7. TWT has been around for a while. I wish that it could be broadcast on Aurora which seems to cater for such niche shows. Unfortunately it's not and Ch 31 has a limited broadcast range, which I don't get.
  8. there's no-where to ride so they just post on forums... :p