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On TV tonight

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by itchin, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. TT Closer to the edge sbs 2 9.30 good doco on Guy Martin at the Isle of Man TT its the only good thing on tv tonite!

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  2. Does anyone understand one single word Guy Martin says?
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  3. Not a friggn word.He's a strange cat, and amazing rider.
  4. Saw this post too late to catch the show. Anyone know if it is being repeated?
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  6. Usually a week or two I think
  7. Just watched it on sbs demand.....wow is all I can say! I also agree with trying to understand Guy Martin....???...tried my hardest lol. Awesome show....
  8. Anyone who crashes into a field and knocks one out under a tree is alright in my book...........
  9. I think he says "purple monkey dishwasher" at some point. The rest I've got not idea.
  10. 7.30 pm on one.
    Mega factories it's at the Mv Augusta factory pretty cool.
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  11. If ur gay.
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  12. A bit of Russel Coight gold tonite ONE at 7:30 pm
  13. Been watching the Le Mans 24hr, its at 51/2 hrs to go and has been fascinating. Had a few snoozes though
  14. Formula 1 GP on from 10:30 on TEN
  15. After 24hrs WHAT A FINISH at Le Mans, not that into car racing but this was flat out amazing. If you follow The Dakar that is also french you might have expected it though.
  16. The last time my wife asked me what was on TV tonight, I replied "Dust" always cracks her up. Maybe this belongs in Dad jokes thread.
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