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On-track sparring session with the incredible hulk!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by [FLUX], Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Got back from a ride day at Phillip Island today.

    Look over in the next garage, and who's that? Eric Bana himself.

    Nice guy. He was in my group - medium-fast. Didn't see him on track the whole day until the last session when I followed him out.

    He has a nice jet-black Ducati 999. Very shmick.

    Seemed to have a way with parting the crowd too as he went through. I would chase him down, then we'd lap someone, he'd just glide past the back-marker because it always seemed like they were on a slower part for them as he went by, and then they proceeded to get in my way, and I got stuck behind slow person for a few corners, and then chased him down again.

    Very smooth rider Uncle Chop-Chop is.

    On a side note, I was happy to post a few 1:53's today, but typically was circulating in the high '54s / low 55's. I had trouble with passing people 'cos I got pulled up for "close passing" on someone, even though I had left him half the track width as I went around the outside. Said person didn't hold their line and drifted way wide, and apparantly nearly hit the back of my bike, which I wasn't even aware of. So after a reprimand for that, this put the moz on me, and I was giving everyone an extra wide berth, too much in fact, but just to be safe. Made passing quite difficult though.
  2. Well there ya go. I never knew he was a rider.

    This has totally regained my faith in the movie star system.
  3. ah uncle chop chop. of course he's a rider! how can you get stabbed a billion times an not be :LOL:
  4. At least I got it Loz! ROFLMAO.
  5. yeah didn't know he was a rider.......ducati 999 jet black eh?....lucky bastard!

    funny cause i wanted munich last night and thought that he was a pretty good actor.......doing nicely for himself in hollywood, good on him!
  6. wotta they worth?
  7. The 999S is around $35 000 i think and the 999R is around $65 000. I'm not 100% on that but i'm pretty sure they are very close to that mark!
  8. :shock: :shock: Gaaaawd daaaaaaaaam..

  9. Tell him he's dreaming!
  10. hmmm.. still get a jap bike even if they cost the same amount ... but i guess thats why dukes cost so much because they know people will buy them no matter what they charge
  11. didnt know he was much of an actor either :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :p :p

    Only joking, he's a great guy, met him a few times while doing some work with channel 7 up in the city. Always came out and talked to the little people that usual "stars" wouldnt give a flying fajuberars about.
  12. Not me man :LOL:

    No matter how good a bike is, I'd neva spend that kinda $$ on one.
    Then again, that is coming from someone whos not rich.

    Someone loaded spending that kinda money for 2 wheels would be
    the equivalent of me spending $500 on a piece of shit :LOL:
  13. Judging by the power it had down the straight, am pretty sure it was a 999R. Must've been a ducati owner's club day there as well. LOTS of ducati's out on the track.

    The old R1, with its meagre stock 142rwhp and my lardy 95kg mass on board had no problem running down the regular 748/749/999's down the straight, but there were two of them, Eric Bana's being one, which had the leap on the R1 and were actually pulling away down the straight.

    I'd follow him through Turn 12, gradually closing ground on him, start the drive out and start to rapidly close ground, and then that all stopped. The Ducati stopped the party and then started pulling away by the time we got to the start of the pit garages, and probably put about 0.3-0.4s on me by the end of the straight.

    So yeah, his Duke was definitely an up-spec 999R. They may make about the same power as my R1, but they are a much thinner/narrower bike, and once the wind-drag starts to become a major factor above 200kph, the 999R has it all over the R1.
  14. then again look u look at what these actors are earning
    its like getting a large big mac meal to them.... they probably got that much in spare change :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    and always like eric bana hes a good actor and also a good person
    well better then russel crowe... hahaha
    and if u dont agree ill throw the phone at u *joke* hahahahahaha
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. and if i had a lazy couple of billions/zillions in the back ill have 2 of those in the garage as well
    they look sexy just did a google on it
  16. Saw that bike in at Zagame in Melbourne last time I was there. One of the guys there told me they look after it for him and have it on display while he is OS.

    All black and decked out soley for the track. Gotta admit it looked horn!