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Featured On the verge of CB400 or GS500

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bonzee, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. I apologise as I know this topic has been posted before but I am after a more recent perspective on these two bikes.
    I understand the GS500 is somewhat $3000 cheaper, but if paying the extra for the CB400 will save me money in the long run then i'm willing to do so. This is my first bike and i plan on owning it during L's/P's period.
    I am yet to give them both a test run but i just want to hear what everyones opinions are first.

    My understanding of the CB400 is
    -Its quicker
    -Has ABS
    -Fuel guage etc.

    And the GS500
    -Typically needs original suspension replaced
    -Less feeling in the front brakes
    -Also heard of people complaining about rust on the frame over time

    Looks wise i like the GS500 personally. But what i really want to know is it worth me spending the extra $3000 and up?
  2. You won't save money buying the CB400 (although you'll sell it for more than the gs500) but it really is just a better bike.
    So what you have to ask yourself is "Am I willing to pay more for a better bike?"
    When I asked myself the same question, I got a cb400 and never looked back, lovely bike.
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  3. All I could I can say is with the little experience I have on my GS500 it's great. Never had a problem. It could run through a brick wall if I wanted to. Almost has :)
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  4. Cb400 is a better bike. Have u thought about used one? From what I hear u really should at least ride a mt07 before u decide
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  5. Yeh I'm pretty biased. But the MT07 is worth the extra coin
  6. Or try bike sales and compare
  7. KurtzKurtz I had a feeling it was one of those questions. Cheers!

    MyoManMyoMan Haha sounds as bulletproof as they say it is then. Yeah ive pretty used bikesales this whole time. Seems to be the go to for AUS.

    basejumperbasejumper When you say its a better bike...Would you say its $3000 dollars more of a better bike? I have only been looking at used. And comparing to what i want in NSW for both, the Honda comes out around $3000 every time. Yeah ive heard the MT07 is amazing but the reason i havent included it is simply because of looks. Its just my personal preference i guess.
  8. I have a CB400 and it is a fantastic bike. Doesn't feel like a small bike at all and it does have quite a bit of go!
    Love naked bikes, and naked women, but at least you can jump on the bike whenever you like
    The quality of the CB is worth the money. It's a tried and true bike that has been refined quite nicely over the years.
    Look after it and it'll look after you.
    Good luck with whatever you choose.
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  9. Hi Bonzee,

    Having previously owned a 2009 GS500F, I can vouch for it being an excellent learner bike. As much as I would have loved to have a CB400, I could not justify spending so much on a bike I would only own for a short time.

    The GS500F was more than enough bike for my L's + 12mth restriction period. They are also very easy to maintain and the motors in them are as strong and reliable as ever (hence why the motor hasn't really changed in over 20+ years). Granted, they don't have ABS, but you don't need it. (It's probably a good thing to learn to ride without ABS anyway!!) The brakes on the GS500F are more than adequate for the power and weight and can still stop you very quickly.

    Resale value is good. I sold mine (back in Dec 2014) for only $100 less than what I paid for it almost 2 years earlier.

    Decisions, Decisions....

    Good luck and let us all know what you end up with!! =D
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  10. Gerry_75Gerry_75 Haha agree and agree! Yeah I hear nothing but great comments about the CB. Thanks matey.

    Kow8ellKow8ell So you were pretty much in the same boat as me. Im finding it hard to justify it as well.
    Wow incredible on the resale. You have done well there. Can you comment on the suspension and rust rumours at all? Seems its a select few that have had these problems.
  11. My GS500F saw plenty of rainy days and I never noticed any hint of rust at all. I've also seen plenty of GS500's around and have not noticed rust on them. (Not that I was looking for rust, but if there was some, generally you would think it'd be noticed).

    I'm unable to comment on the stock suspension as mine was already upgraded by the previous owner when I bought it and I am 5"11 and at the time I was 98kg.

    In saying that, I really don't see the stock suspension being an issue (unless you are a rather large person! or plan on riding over lots and lots of potholes?).

    Look at it this way. If after riding around for a while and you wanted to, you could still easily upgrade the suspension for far, far less than the $3000 extra you would be paying if you bought the CB400.
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  12. Kow8ellKow8ell You make a good point there. Thanks for the insider info. Its nice to clear up alot of the rumors!
  13. Your welcome.
  14. I have a gs and while I'm not particularly unhappy the fact is it is flawed but very cheap. Flaws which make it quite exhausting to ride really quickly through twisties. Some days that makes it thrilling and engaging, other days that makes it rather a pain in the arse, sometimes it makes a pain in the arse halfway through a day. If the gs500 is more than enough for your restricted period I politely suggest you aren't a very quick rider. Having said that none of it has made me regret my purchase only long to be off restrictions, like how it looks, love that it's better suited to me than a minja, like that it's cheap and easy to maintain, like the large fuel tank.
  15. NihililNihilil When you say exhausting are you talking about the handling in general? I wouldnt know whats quick for me yet, i still have to do my L's! :p
  16. I'm talking about the handling when pushing the tyres and chassis almost to the limit, once you have you Ls it'll probably be a few months before you even start to notice but it varies person to person. In general the handling is fine no worries for general use, it's easy enough and nicely predictable.
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  17. #17 Jaytee, May 1, 2015
    Last edited: May 1, 2015
    BonzeeBonzee - You should also take into consideration fuel tank size, kms to a tank, things like a petrol gauge, what the dash gives you in terms of information etc, how the 2 compare on say a weekend ride with a few hundred kms etc. In other words, which of the 2 bikes gives you more of the things you want from a bike.. For me, when choosing, a fuel gauge was a must..

    If you've sat on both which one feels more comfortable to you, which one's weight feels right to you?

    Note: The CB400 doesn't come with ABS on all models. This could reduce the buy price if you get say a 2008 model / non ABS, like the one i have.
    For a learner bike I would try to rely less on the rider assists as you shouldn't be relying on them over say your riding ability and road craft.

  18. I was in the same boat - tossing up between a GS and a CB. I went the CB. For me I wanted the extra power and the additional refinements that the CB had. I went the non ABS model. It has been a great bike - I'm now off restrictions but continue to ride it. I've put 13,000km onto it since I bought it and it hasn't missed a beat. It's extremely smooth, comfortable and an absolute joy to ride long distances. One of my mates rode it recently and said "It's so smooth it's like wiping your bum with silk."

    They're both good bikes - go and sit on each, see how they feel. If possible, have a ride of both too.
  19. I faced the same dilemma and went with the GS. Mine is an 03 with 40kkms, no issues whatsover so it's mechanically a simple and sound bike. There's a bit of difference between I4s and V2s but from what I've heard the CB400 is exceptionally smooth so the main difference would be sound (and of course the CB is quicker).

    I picked my bike up for $3k, no way I could of gotten a CB for anywhere near that, and I figured there's not much point splashing out on something I'm only going to keep for short time.

    Mind you've I've been on my opens for 6 months now and still feel like it's enough bike at least while I'm waiting for the perfect fz6 to come up :)
  20. My son had a GS500F as his LAMS bike and he loved it. He's a touch over 6' and was around 95kgs. Once he was on his p plates he did a number of group rides that included Fireblades, R1s, GSXR1000s, Ducatis etc and it was surprising how many with people came up and queried how well this LAMS thing we (handling and power and overall). He had it for around 10,000kms and replaced the tyres and did regular services. During the time he had it it didn't miss a beat. He sold it for the same price he bought it for and upgraded to a GSX-R750.

    From his and my perspective we have nothing bad to say about a GS500.

    Saying that there is nothing wrong with a Honda either (I have a vfr800 at present).

    Sit on both, see which one is the most conformable, and keep you eye open for when a good one comes along and grab that.