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On the verge of buying a ZZR250...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by John.R, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, just wanting some advice on purchasing my first bike.

    I am pretty confident that a ZZR will be my first bike, from all the reviews I've read about it being quite friendly to the new rider, comfy etc etc

    I have also found a very very cleen 97 model up for sale, it does however, have 50,000k's on it.

    My questions are,

    Are there any area's in particular I should be looking at on this model bike? I have started the bike up and it does have the knock at low revs that everybody seems to know about, but how big of an issue is this? It sorta freaked my dad out a bit.

    What type of price is fair for a 97 with 50,000k's on it? Prices seem to vary so much on bikesales and trading post that its hard to get a median price range.

    My dad is very very mechanically minded and has ridden and worked on his bikes since he was a teenager, so he will be taking it for a ride etc and checking it over, however being into his Harley's, he doesn't exactly know what issues to look for in the ZZR.

    Thanks guys.

    (If this isn't the right section, feel free to move it)
  2. I bought my 2000 ZZR250 for $3,500 from a dealer. It has 97,000Kms on the clock.
    I paid a bit too much for it, $3,000 would have been better but the dealer has looked after me and it's going strong some 3-4 months later with no issues.

    Given the age, the fact that it's a private sale, you may be able to get it for $2,500 if your lucky.
    There doesn't seem to be much around below $3,000
  3. $2500 seems a bit too optimistic as it has $4000 on it, and the bike is super clean...

    Its just that the knockin puts me off slightly
  4. I currently have an 07 ZZR250. I did loads of research before making my purchase and haven't regretted it for one moment. Has been a fantastic bike to learn on...very forgiving...fun to ride....no mechanical issues....I bought it new though so i would have been surprised if there was!

    Fate would have it I bought a new bike today so it is up for sale! Ideally I would keep both but can't really afford/warrant it so the baby Z needs to go....
  5. A kawasaki dealer told me the GPX/ZZR 250 engine should be good for 100,000 kms or more being looked after. If it is not serviced though don't expect 100,000 kms!
  6. Well the bike LOOKS really well looked after, and he has the receipts from a full service etc. He was also nice enough to give me the history number at the shop the bike has always been serviced at, so that I could check any records etc.
  7. I think you need to have a rider who's judgment you trust go and have a look at it, a listen, and a ride before you decide anything. I presume this bike is at one of the local dealers?

    On my experience of all the mechanics in Wollongong, the fact that it has been regularly serviced is no guarantee of the quality of the service, unfortunately :(
  8. Thankfully I'll have my dad to trust, as he has ridden bikes all his life, has no trouble completely rebuilding engines, shocks etc. So he will be test riding it for me. Its just the knocking noise throw him off a little bit.

    The bike is a private sale, and coincidentally the bloke selling it works in the same section of the steel works as my father.

    The bike was also serviced by MaxPower Cycles in Corrimal, no idea of the reputation of that place?
  9. Maxpower is the best workshop in the area, no contest.
  10. Mate its 12 - 13 years old. Regardless of how clean it is its got old rubbers and switches and suspension and anything that perishers in our climate.

    $2500 - $2800 should be all you are prepared to pay. If you want to spend just over $3000 on a 2000 model send me a PM :)

    It will have a knock that's worse on a cold start and doesn't get any worse as the revs rise.
    No offence to your old man but he cant compare his tractor engine to the Kawa twin :p
  11. hey John, it's not being sold by a bloke called Josh, in Bulli, is it??
  12. Nah it's not, its a bloke in Dapto.

    To be honest, Im pretty confused on what to offer for it. I've scoured the trading post, bike sales, kawa forums etc, and there is such a variance in price for no particular reason. Older bikes asking 5k, newer ones asking $3.5...

    I obviously don't want to get ripped off, but with most of the bikes asking $3.7K and above, id be too embarressed to offer something like $2.8K..
  13. Cam Chain & tensioner should have been replaced by now, if not factor that in, might be around $600.

    Drop the idle as low as you can with out it stalling listen for noise. Rev it, if the noise goes away, you're probably due for a replacement. Don't be too worried about regular noise, they have a bit.

    G/fs '96 model has about 50k+ on the clock still going strong, Cam chain is the only "trouble" we've had. Other than that, they're an old proven design, you should be fine as long as you keep oil in it! :wink:

    Edit: BTW, we paid around 3K, which was alright. Not great, alright. I would aim to pay less now that LAMS is in, if that applies to you.

  14. Thanks mate, thats exactly what I am after. I'll see if it has been changed yet,
  15. There are plenty of ZZR/GPX around that have done a lot more km than what the OP is looking at that have not and dont need the cam chain tensioner done. Its not a must do item at 40000 or 50000km
  16. If your dad is ok rebuilding engines etc then I can't see why you'd have trouble with the bike.

    As for the price... most people who have had a bike for a while underestimate the prices of secondhand 250s in summer. They're quite expensive atm with every man and his god wanting a bike. I ended up paying $5750 for an 07 GPX250 but it had 1 year manufacturer warranty and 1 year rego. Also 800km on the clock so practically a new bike.

    But yeh people seem to think they're cheap as chips. Which they're not.
  17. It was on the G/F's bike, but that's only a sample size of 1... If OP was worried about anything going wrong, IME this would be a thing to factor in. :)
  18. Redbook's suggested private sale price range is $2300-2700 FWIW http://www.redbookasiapacific.com/cs/bikes/specs.php?R=118087.

    But I've found their prices well below typical asking prices locally, especially for learner bikes like VTR and Ninja 250.

    For comparison, a local dealer has a 1996 Suzuki Across with 52,000km on his lot for $4,290. I'd expect a private sale price to be around a grand under that... here anyway.
  19. Yeah I sussed out that redbook price and thought it was unrealistic. It may be what they are worth, but its not the price of them.

    CBR's are 20 years old with new paint and people will still pay a premium for it.
  20. My '07 ZZR-250 had the same low rev knock that my '94 model with 86thou k did. They all do that :p