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On the topic of Coffee...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by DemstarAus, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. On your adventures through small towns and big cities alike, where did you find the best cup of coffee?
    (best = most memorable or the nicest according to your taste)

    Have you had any surprising coffees/coffee experiences? Mistake orders do not count as "surprises", I mean anything that exceeded your expectations.

    In particular, any great spots in SEQ? I'd like to explore and because of the nature of my work I can claim a certain number of coffees while travelling as "research".

  2. Don't have much info on south east QLD. I had a farking day changing coffee at Proud Mary in Collingwood down south a while ago - I'm not from down that way so tried a bunch of different places over the week I was there and this one stood out more than any others

    I'm in Sydney at the moment and nothing holds a candle to Alchemy on Addison road in Marrickville. That's my go-to coffee now. Also on work days there's a little campos coffee stand just outside central station on Chalmers street opposite Devonshire street, the bloke that runs that is lovely and his coffee is very reasonably priced for the middle of the city (ie still less than $4), and very drinkable.

    I've still never had a "nice" coffee in a country town. Ever. Which is devastating - I hope things are changing. Next time I'm in Queensland I'll make sure I find a nice one and let you know where :p
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  3. Brewsters @Mittagong
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  4. I havent found THE best coffee yet , Ginger Baker ( Bright ) is pretty good but THE best chai latte i have ever had was at a restaurant called "The Beach" in Tassie, havent found a place that could compare in VIC.
  5. fcuking nodding threads
  6. Christchurch, Latte served in a large bowl !
    Epic size, and repeated in most of the North Island from Whanganui through to Taurangi, Lake Taupo to Auckland.
    Sydney - Bourke Street Bakery in Potts Point, and Gypsy Cafe.
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  7. One of my best coffee this year has been from Market Lane Coffee branch at Queen Victoria Market.

    Oliver's within the BP on Eastlink is pretty awesome.

    The kiosk opposite the Arts Centre (St kilda road) serve good latte too...

    Emerald Hill Cafe in Emerald too... Just order a small latte. The medium one comes in a 'large' glass. ;)
  8. If you find yourself in Tassie - Laneway in Devonport and Small Fry in Hobart. Dunno 'bout anything in between.
  9. I have to give a plug to one of Netriders members who owns Piccolo Meccanico in Diamond Creek, a great way to start or finish ride in the surrounding hills. Easily the best coffee on this side of town.
  10. went there today.. the buggers were closing up!! Next time Gadget, next time!!!

    fire station coffee a few doors down was ok.
  11. DemstarAusDemstarAus , are you in the coffee trade?
    If you are after SEQ info in particular, I ride through Maleny every weekend and the best coffee in town is Shotgun espresso. Col James used to do decent coffee too but apparently it's dropped off. Still great Gelati though. Shotguns coffee is not life changing but is decent and always consistent.
    They use Campos.
    If you are in Moololaba, try "The Columbian". The owner is passionate about his coffee and roasts his own. Again, not life changing, but consistent and pretty good.
  12. Yeah I'm a barista and learning how to roast on a Diedrich IR-12. Personally I'm not a great fan of Campos, not bad, just I prefer others.
    Is that the place that is directly next door to Starbucks? Went there a few weekends ago and had an awesome nerd-out with the barista there (he is an actual bona fide barista who could mix alcoholic drinks... unlike me! For those of you that didn't know, a BARista was the title given originally to people that worked a BAR.) Nicest coffee I've had out for a long time.
    GUESS WHAT?! Starbucks is leaving Mooloolaba!
    Good Bean in the Big Top is nice (as long as it's one of the guys making the coffee, the girl there seems to make them way too hot!) I had one this morning that was super tasty.
    Another great place to get coffee in Maroochydore is Little Boy Blue. It's an awesome little vegie/vegan cafe that makes a nice cup. Across the road from Team Moto Kawasaki.
    Somewhere I really want to go and see is Padre in Noosa. Never been there but apparently they just dropped a ridiculous amount of money on their fitout. SLAYERS! LE GASP!
    Flying West in Eumundi makes really good coffee too.
  13. I don't know what that means! What is a nodding thread?
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    Nice one mate. No not the one next to Starbucks, but I will definitely give them a go. The Columbian is in Brisbane rd right next to the big car park behind the Esplanade. In this link it is where the Rocket shop now is! Google Maps The Colombian Coffee Co.

    I understand what you mean about Campos and I agree, but its probably the best in Maleny. I don't mind this: CoffeeSnobs - BeanBay - Roasted Coffee - Espresso Wow!
    Not sure where you would get one in QLD. I buy a bag at a time and pull shots on my VBM Domobar super lever after grinding it in my mazza mini.

    No great loss there. Never been in a Starbucks!

    Yes it is! Until recently they were using Veneziano Forza beans but I notice it is now packaged a little differently. I reckon its probably still the same bean though. I like that blend!
    The original good bean always put out a decent coffee. It is about 80mtrs up the road from the Mooloolaba on the Esplenade surf club in the really old block of shops, two doors up from the Taco place.Google Maps The Old Bean Espresso Bar
    From what I understand though the guy who owns that café set up a coule of the others that are now dotted around the coast under the same name and sold them as well as "The Good Bean" brand. The café in the link is still there and serving decent coffee but the na,e has been pulled down. I think its called The Old Bean now, but has no signage up!The Old Bean Espresso Bar

    I will try them based on your recommendation. I always ride the bike to Eumundi as I can park outside the pub in the motorbike parking area. I find its too hard to get a car park there on market days.