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On the subject of insurance......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by fingz, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. Could you give me a rough idea on what most of you guys/gals use. I've quickly noticed there are only a selected few that companies that insure bikes( the one i use for my car unfortunatley doesn't)
    I've had a look at the links directory but wanted some first hand opinions and thoughts

  2. Im with GIO mate.Had to shop around a bit and screw em,but i got my K2 insured full comp for $1500 on a rating 2. Never had a crash but ive had a few fines and im only 27.I only just made the age cutoff for GIO and AAMI wouldnt touch me.RACV were competetive,but GIO was prepared to undercut them(consider GIO quoted me $3000 at first,till i told em RACV would do it for $1800 !) Virtually everywhere else i rang i was getting $2500-$3000 quotes or they wouldnt do it till i was 30. Make sure you ring around mate,you cvan save thousands,literally! :eek: :LOL: 8) :p

    Edit: Forgot to mention the Gixxers insured for $15,400,only paid $13,000 for it,but my excess is $1200 ( havent had a whole lot of insurance :D )
  3. Try Swann and Western QBE, both take into account your car rating. I got a CB250 ensured for $308 from Swann fully comp and was quoted $256 from QBE. Didn't go with QBE in the end as car wasn't with them but recently got a new car and now have home, contents and car insurance with QBE, will probably switch to them after riding for a year.
  4. I got my 2000 Virago 250 insured with Swann. Fully Comp although they didn't take my rating 1 car insurance into account so i'm on rating 6. It was about $450 from memory.
  5. 34 year old, 2003 R1100S, locked garage in the city, fully comp with Swann on rating 1 insurance - $904.

    (BMW backed insurance came out $100 more, with a higher excess.)
  6. I just did the insurance on the ZZR.

    RACV agreed to insure it for $4500 even though I paid $3500 for the bike and the premium was $372.

    Western QBE would insure it for market value (which is assessed at the time of a claim) or for an agreed value of $3500 as a maximum. The market value premium was $197 and the agreed value premiuim was $247.

    I have a rating 1 (lifetime with RACV) and both carried a $400 excess. I am 38
  7. Over 30 on rating 1,
    Agreed Value,
    Fully comp, garage.
    Named Rider policy

    $639 pay by the month, $607 if paid in one hit.

    I'm hunting around to see if I can get it cheaper.
  8. Who's your insurer?
  9. Swann - at the moment.

    Just called Western QBE, gave them the same details, they came back with

    Fully Comp $529.
    Named Rider $481.

    Guess who's changing insurance companies? I may try and see if Swann will match them first, otherwise seeya!

    It pays to shop around.
  10. It just seemed a good price, for what I would assume was a reasonably comparable bike to mine. But then, what do I know about the mysteries of insurance.

    Maybe they've been watching me riding!
  11. Jake with swann it sometimes pays to walk in off the street so to speak and start a whole new policy.
    You might be surprised at how much better it is than renewing year after year.
  12. I'm with Western QBE and they seemed to be the best for me. I found they didn't penalise learners so much either.

    My premium was $573 for full comp at market value, 22 year-old on L's, locked garage in the country. QBE were happy to take into account my rating 2 on my car insurance, whereas Swann said "you're on L's...you can have a rating 6 instead".

    Also, Swann wanted a premium of $1000+ because they thought my ZZR250 was in a higher risk category. :shock:
  13. Probably is, I'm yet to see a GPX/ZZR with straight panels.
  14. you need to see mine sometime ;)
  15. Has it been re-sprayed?
  16. If they wont match it they lose my business, stuff them. When I saw that the agreed value dropped, but my rating and premium rose I was thinking "WTF???". They tell me there has been a rise across the board and bad luck (basically). I'll see what they say once I have the other quote in my hand.
  17. Exactly what I am getting at, and they don't like it when you tell them.

    How can the agreed value drop from year to year and the premium go up, when if you go into just about any bike shop and start a new policy you can have YOUR agreed value at the best price straight out of the book.

    Just ring them and tell them that you wont be renewing your current policy and go and start a new policy at your friendly bike shop from the expiry date.

    Even better tell them that is what you are going to do, when I did that, there was a new much reviewed renewal in the letterbox within two days, afterall they don't want to have to pay the dealer commission on a policy that they already have!
  18. Well Swann just thought the ZZR was in a bit more powerful category (250? ahuh? :shock: ), lots of fairings and so forth so was considered highrisk. Although I'd hate to have tried to insure a CBR250RR or something similar.

    I don't think my panels even saw the light of day for the past three years, let alone be bent. I've just gotta keep them that way! :D
  19. With Western QBE
    Agreed value around 15K if I remember correctly
    Rating 1
    No fines or claims
    Been with them for quite a few year so got loyalty bonus
    40 Years


    Checked Swann last year and the best they could do was $670 so I'd recommend considering the savings due building a long term relationship with an insurer.
  20. id love insureance - but no one will insure me.
    as soon as the find out im 20 with a import bike they laugh at me. lots.
    im gonna have to go hunt for at least 3rd party, i hate ridin around with no insurance, kinda not the smartest thing to do either. havin bugger all bike insurance dudes in tassie dont help either....