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On the side of my peanut butter jar, it says "Allergen warning: Contains peanuts"

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grue, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. People who need warnings like that are the same geniuses who get hit by trams or get into accidents at level crossings: People who are far, far too stupid to put any effort into saving.

  2. Cost to peanut butter company for including warning, virtually nil.
    Cost to company of litigation if someone with an allergy eats it and suffers brain damage even if litigation is unsuccesful, a hell of a lot.

    As much as warnings like this are a complete insult to Charles Darwin, Captain Obvious is here for a reason.
  3. Health and safety always brings the captain obvious lulz.

    In a restaurant toilet I saw a warning sign for the hot water tap - CAUTION: WATER IS HOT
  4. It's things like these that think maybe the west really does need to be destroyed.
  5. Law requires all products that may contain suspect elements to state such. It doesn't make exceptions for the obvious cases. Yes, it is rather amusing but hardly worth fapping about.

    Funny thing is, people that are intolerant to the products might sue, but the true anaphylactics will be dead within the hour.
  6. http://bash.org/?4753
  7. In a very similar vein, I once bought a large jar of peanuts. The jar was the shape of a peanut. It was possible to see the peanuts through the glass jar. The word PEANUTS was written on it in large, capital letters. I very much doubt if the warning "May contain traced of nuts", written in very small font (maybe 2mm high) on the edge of the label really provided any extra information.
  8. On the other hand I never see a label on those disgusting cheap processed hotdogs saying "May contain traces of meat", even though that would be much more appropriate.
  9. This label may contain traces of irony.
  10. One day I was driving home from my old job, it hit 4pm and the news comes on, the story went something like "Police have found a body in a bin with hands and feet bound, waiting to be collected by council rubbish collectors", and then the news reader said "Police are treating the death as suspicious - gave me a giggle.
  11. That would be lying though
  12. It's called the "Liebeck Effect", after a lady you've ALL heard of named Stella Liebeck.
    Ms Liebeck was the one who burned her lips on a cup of hot McDonalds coffee, then sued them successfully for not warning her it might be hot...
    So now we're all treated as stupid, for fear of litigation.
  13. Stupid few with few too many dollars, sueing companies for their own wrong doing. Even though being in the wrong, the stupid few, can be in the right, with the right amount of money.

    It's those stupid few that have too much pride to accept their own stupidity that is the issue.

    just noticed...that came out rather poetic
  14. Peanuts aren't nuts. They're a bean. I doubt the label was talking about peanuts.
    Fixed the quote. She received third degree burns after spilling her coffee in her lap and then require skin grafts. It was bloody hot. In all my coffee spilling experience, I've never personally known anyone to receive skin grafts from coffee spillage. Maccas also refused to settle beforehand for 20k for expenses.
  15. A friend of my dad's had an epileptic fit in the shower with just the hot water tap on, sustained 3rd degree burns and required skin grafts.

    Most coffee, particularly instant coffee with water straight from the kettle, is much hotter than that.
  16. Yes, I know, but I wasn't going to let that get in the way.
  17. I stand by my quote - I did say "lips"...
  18. A friends daughter can eat peanuts, but not other nuts, this warning would be quite important for them.

    I've had to cook for them before, and it's quite a nightmare finding food without the may contain traces of nuts warning. Most things say it but the probability of them causing a reaction are slim.
  19. How could you tell in that case?
  20. I'd lose my shit. I can barely even cook for run of the mill vegetarians :rofl: