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On the seventh day GOD made Phillip Island

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by nobby, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. got back 2hrs ago, cold, wet, dirty and happy........sunburnt yesterday and frostbitten today.......ya gotta love bike racin at Phillip Island.

    Best Eat, Egg and Bacon Roll with Jim Beam Chaser
    Best Drink, Jim Beam and Coke with an Egg and Bacon Chaserl.
    Best View, MG corner
    Best Ride, Corser by a mile..
    Best Race Aussie Superbikes, satdee arvo...
    Best Sound, Regis Laconi's Ducati at full noise, he gave it everything and those bikes sound awesome.....
    Best laugh, Plod having a little chat with the driver of a Lamboghini on the way home......

    and finally

    Best PR job for the weekend.... Plod, high profile and no tricks, no hiding behind bushes, all cameras in plain site and getting out of the track was a breeze.......well actually it was a bloody gale.

    sorry I missed the netrider banner, but I did manage to catch up with Graeme and Lyn...

    p.s. I didn't tell ya this but GSXR1000 DROVE DOWN.......... Shame.....Shame.... Shame

    Now to bed to dream.....
  2. Would that be the engine or the sound of bike on gravel as he rode the bucking bull through the gravel trap at Lukey Heights. Now that was almost the save of R2. I was impressed by the fact he got up and rode the thing to the finish and picked up some valuable points.
  3. As the commentor said.....to ride those things ya gotta have big...........

  4. good on'ya.....nobby

    whats worse than gettting caught in the rain at Phillip Island....getting rained on and having a flat battery,,,someone left the lights on.... :facepalm:

    thank god for the RACV....


  5. Yep - sorry we didn't see you Nobby! The Netrider banner was at Siberia all day today and we had many Netriders pop in... it was great to see lots of familiar faces and some new ones too!

    The day was looking pretty miserable when we woke this morning, but it did turn out to be a spectacular day both weatherwise and race-wise!

    Can we do it again next weekend???? :p :p :D :D :D
  6. We WALKED around the whole track Satdee, so yesterday was sit and enjoy day......at least I will know where to look at the MotoGP.
  7. Well done to YUKIO Kagayama on his podium finishing's!

    Yes Sarah thats YUKIO not yugio?? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Don't know how you missed us nobby we looked like a
    bunch of lemons in our pretty yellow poncho's :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Good day all round guy's thanx for the invite..
  8. Suffering from wind-burn this morning. Got a head like a beetroot. Hope there's no low flying aircraft might get confused with landing lights...:LOL:
  9. Well Sair and I STILL think Yugio sounds alot better :p
  10. Windy windy windy windy windy.

    Ride back was ... challenging.
  11. Try it on a Kawasaki quarter pounder with camping gear on the back
  12. Me three :)
  13. Got wet on the way up, dried off, got wet on the way home. Wouldn't have it any other way
  14. Ah, I noticed the RACV truck making its way past us on Saturday afternoon.. wondered who it was going to, thought it would have been a car though! :shock: :)
  15. I was impressed by the behaviour of all the riders I saw on Sunday. Only one bit of stupidity and that was from a tintop. Pulled out from a T intersection when bike was doing 100kmph and almost on top of it. Bike was able to brake hard and move up the inside (nowhere else to go as outside lane occupied). Perhaps should have been more prepared but I was following a fair distance behind and still had to brake for the car pulling out so perhaps very unexpected.
  16. Slack! A friend of mine RODE FROM SYDNEY Friday on his GSXR1000!! Then rode home today!!! Again - SLACKER!!!!

    Best Eat, Bacon and eggs for breakfast (thanks Derek)
    Best Drink, Beer that's all I drank....
    Best View, Siberia corner
    Best Ride, That guy who lost it, hung on then crashed.
    Best Race Aussie Superbikes, Only saw Sunday!
    Best Sound, Everyone singing happy birthday to Deb at midnight Sat/Sun morning
    Best laugh, Too many to mention, remember and retell from the whole weekend at the house! The lemon brigade on the hill stands out though....

    Best feeling: Arriving home after suffering through the wind on the ride home Sunday evening.
  17. Thanks to everyone for making my friend Matt (from Sydney) feel welcome and not freak him out with your behaviour. I think we might have a new member online soon..... and a house mate for the MotoGP!
  18. Well, now I don't feel so bad if the 1100 rider thought it was challenging riding home from PI yesterday! :D My poor little Across was weighed down with two full Ventura bags and it still felt like I was a puppet on a string! :LOL:

    Talk about scary....first time I have ridden in such high, gusty wind conditions! I was getting blown all over the road...at one stage I was hit by a gust of wind that pushed me so far over to the left, I thought I was going to end up in the ditch at the side of the road. Another time a gust pushed me over towards the right hand lane so hard, I ended up indicating and just moving over....thankfully I was keep in a very close eye on the passing traffic, so there was nobody beside me. :shock:

    There was much praying and deep breathing and enforced positive thoughts going on! :LOL: [-o<

    Thanks very much to my knight in shining armour, Derek (Mr Okimura), who looked after me very well the whole way.....even though it was a slow ride home. :roll:

    After waking up yesterday morning we decided not to go to the track due to the cruddy weather and headed home around lunch time.....in time to watch it all on Foxtel in the comfort of a warm lounge room. :LOL: Saw all the crashes in all their glory....as well as the Netrider crew....in all their glory as well! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Thanks for a fun weekend guys. Hope you all made it home safe and well.



    PS - Lids, you made the right decision not to ride on the weekend! :D
  19. The weather was half the fun on Sunday!!
    Who flashed at the race? I didn't flash at the track!!
  20. Does this imply you flashed elsewhere? :p Think I missed that one! :LOL: