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On the road

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Pugsly, May 4, 2013.

  1. The weather held out for me, and I picked up the CB500F this morning from Dandenong and rode it home.

    First thoughts - not as bad as I was expecting. 80km/h along the Hwy felt comfortable, but I certainly have a lot of practice to do and skills to develop. I had the contour camera on, and will upload a video of my first 10 minutes on the bike for all to see, be bored by, and critique.

    Thanks for all the guidance and help to get this far. See you on the road!
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  2. Congratulations pugsly,

    Don't forget to post up some pics of your new bike.
  3. First times's the charm,isn't it? I still remember riding my Yamaha RD-250 home from the shop, and then 100kms to,work and 100kms home the next day!!!
  4. Good on ya mate - the first bike you pick up and that first ride will never be forgotten....

    Mine was - well.....interesting :D
  5. Video or it never happened.
  6. Ha - this was a while ago now......a long while....

    I bought a VTR250 from Woodend - I live in Melbourne.

    I had a mate drive me out to pick it up.....it was a white knuckled ride home on rural roads at dusk.......when I got home I had the biggest sh!te eating grin - I haven't stopped riding since :D
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  7. Congratulations on the bike! There's still a few hours of daylight left, I hope you'll be spending some of them out riding...
  8. Sorry for not posting sooner - have been out riding :)

    Not huge distances. Went to a friends child's 2nd birthday, all up put about 60km on. Rode home in the dark! :)

    Pics... Let me see... It's a bit of a crap photo, but here 'tis.

    Video (as boring as it is for everyone else) will be below when it finally uploads
    The stall was from me thinking I'd put the kick stand up, but it wasn't up all the way. Other than that, it was pretty uneventful.

    Feel free to critique my riding. I'm a complete newb so am making plenty of mistakes.

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  9. Hmmm. Sitting contemplating the world as it is and yes at the time I felt it necessary. But that is the few under the belt already. Cmon Justus greasy sticks and bums. Surely you giggled a little :D
  10. You did good. Straight bit of road in the vid wasn't too challenging but you handled the traffic and Stop lights well. In a blind spot for a little while but you soon got out of it. Liked how you checked and and adjusted the mirrors. Some would just jump on and then realise they can see nothing through them.

    Couldn't hear the engine to hear your gear changes but looked smooth.
    Also couldn't see your hands to see when you were covering your brakes.

    Well done and Congrats!

    Do something with your mic and give us some engine noise!
  11. Do akrapovic make a slip on yet?
  12. Google streetview has you out the front of Peter Stevens Motorcycles. That would be the first mistake :p

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  13. 4.16, 5.08: room to filter.
  14. #14 Pugsly, May 5, 2013
    Last edited: May 5, 2013
    Heh, maybe so, but I'm not quite there yet. :)
  15. Likely the first and last time. :) I live around the corner from 60 degrees. Based on what I've heard about them, thats where servicing will be.

    I'll work on that. I may move the helmet mount for the camera. It's a relatively quiet bike, and I'd rather keep it that way.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement.

    A question that did enter my mind whilst riding...
    In most of the cars I've driven, whether they be large capacity V8s or the little 1800 in my old MX5, when 'cruising' the engine would be revving around the 2000rpm mark, give or take 200rpm.

    Now I understand bike engines are different and rev harder with different characteristics, and how they operated are different. Riding along at 80, I had the bike at 4-5kRPM which gave me the ability to accelerate quickly if I needed to, but to my car ears, it sounded too high.

    So am I doing nasty things to my bike, or is that about the right amount of revs (long straights at 80)?
  16. You're not doing any harm at all. But saying that I wouldn't have it in first gear at 110kph. Not your bike anyway. Just run the bike in. And don't be afraid to give it a little bit. Being conservative during run in can cause problems down the line.
  17. You'l get used to it. Coming from a car it does seem too high for a while. Just don't thrash a car when you get back into one.
  18. You looked pretty comfortable for your first ride. I could see the camera moving towards potential hazards indicating you are scanning well. The one critique I have is that when you pulled out you should have gone out an extra lane because of the guy in the driveway next to you. Give him as much room for possible. Easy mistake for drivers to make is looking to far down the road for a gap and not see the motorbike that is right in front of them.

    Also very dissapointed you did not try to gun the acceleration at any point. I just don't know how you could have resisted the urge.
  19. Good on ya mate, keep scanning those mirrors when you pull up in traffic, sometimes the biggest threat comes from behind. Enjoy the bike, vary your speed and revs, don't want any unchartered territory in those cylinders ;)
  20. Awesome news pugsly I missed your post yesterday due to riding all day and just searched you name to pm you a message that I'd just been to test ride the 500R & the 500F. Was going to pass on some info I heard there today but its no longer relevant :)

    They are so quiet aren't they. I'm looking at the F myself, I found it much more manoeuvrable than the 500R. have to say, I really liked it. The red looks great, I was playing with a black one today.

    Please pm me a progress report and perceptions as you get used to it, especially anything you find annoying or on hind site any options you'd get if starting again.

    Congrats !