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On the road at last...well nearly

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by fingz, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. Whoo hoo, what a weekend!!! and what a wonderful feeling. Saturday the boy/f picked up the bike from the city(eekk couldn't manage to face the freeway alone, let alone sitting on the speed limit of 100 when i haven't even gone past 25 yet). Well the pillion ride was pretty mad on my new baby, and finally getting back home and taking it round the back street suburbs was an absolout blast. I managed a couple of night rides pretty well, and a few ventures with a bit more cars. (half a highway) and (a couple of T inter's) Way too many speed humps :?
    The bike is feeling really comfortable and is going really well. Taking it very easy through the back streets, getting to feel how the bike moves and responds. had a couple of ignorant people behind the wheel, and felt like screeming, can't u bloody see I have an L on the back, but didn't dwell on it for too long.
    Enjoying every minute and already drooling over tommorrow's run, hope the weather holds up.
    ... read the posts about the weekend barbie, hope it was a blast, hope to get out on a ride soon, soon as i feel a bit more comfortable around more than 3 cars on the road, and with some more practise under the belt.
    Catch ya

  2. Congrats Mel, I didn't pick up my first bike either, ringwood to oakleigh was a bit much for me! Lots of rides round my suburb were great training and then I was off :)

    Can't wait to see you out on a ride when you are ready :D
  3. I was the same, had my bike delivered from Dandenong to Narre Warren (well it was included in the purchase price and I didn't have my L's at the time). did a number of trips around the 'burbs and then finally commuted to work. now hardly a day goes by without getting the bike out on the road. Except haven't been able to recently got a slack chain. Hopefully will be fixed up by the w/e after a very kind offer from some other Netriders.
  4. Congratulations Mel! I also got the boyfriend to collect my bike - I drove him there - even though it was only two suburbs away! I also did a lot of night time back street riding (and stalled about a million times at intersections) but I have just started riding to work now and it is great.

    Keep at it and your confidence levels will build up very quickly.

    Good luck and enjoy :D
  5. Hey Mel,
    I got a friend to ride my first bike for me from Ringwood to Glen Waverley..couldn't face busy springvale road! I rode around my neighbourhood for a few days...and yes, had the inconsiderate drivers until one day I tackled FerntreeGully Rd..and it was all good from there! Of course I couldn't corner for 3 months and forgot what gear I was in all the time ...took a while to be comfortable on the bike and trust it...

    You'll be out there in no time...and on a group ride before you know it! :D
  6. Congrats on the purchase Mel. My ex didn't give me a choice when I bought my 1st bike, went to Elizabeth st and bought the Across. Took me a while to build up the courage but rode the bike down the gutter/curb, sharp right and then right at the lights onto Elizabeth st, then home to Mulgrave via the freeway. A week later, him and his mates took me up to Reefton where I got rid of my chicken strips.

    Back then I had ALOT less fear than I have now :oops: :roll:
  7. Goodonya!

    Don't blame you for not riding it home, esp in Melb traffic.

    I had no choice, picked up the Across in Hobart and drove it 26k's home, but Sat mid morning in Hobart can not be classed as stressful!!!

    Enjoy the bike!

  8. Hi Mel - sounds like you'll be having lots of fun with your new toy!
  9. I must admit that one of the reasons why I decided to buy my zxr250 was not because I liked the bike that much...but because I bought it off my neighbour...so all I had to do was roll it from his side of the apartment block to my side to get my baby home! :oops: :LOL:
  10. Thanks guys for all the replies, its good to hear about other riders and their first time pickups and rides. I have been doing alot of suburb rides and today I ventured further out and went down to century city via the back streets, with a couple of major roads. Im pretty amazed how much my confidence has grown, and the bike is just a dream to ride. I have to work on my right-hand turns though i seem to be liking the kurb more than the road. :shock:
    I think i was just a little starteld last week at coffee night cause i was like OH my god you guys all made it and are doing weekend rides and stuff, and Im like does the feeling come naturally with blending in with cars on the road or am i just too slow with the process. Then im like hey these guys have been riding a little bit longer, and some of you are off your P's
    So I just wanted to say thanks for the replies, I know in myself that it will just take time to practise practise practise, and thats what i intend to do.
    Many thanks, okay one more THANKS
  11. If you dare to venture to Friday night coffee, just yell out and one of us will escort you so you feel a bit more comfortable in traffic.. when your ready :D
  12. Hey fingzey!!! So it finally came true!!!! Don't worry, just take it easy, what ever time it takes you to build up your confidence-take it!!! Don't push your self over the limits! Hopefully I'll have another virago to ride beside me soon so I won't be alone in the sea of sports/tourer bikes!!!
  13. Just take things at your own pace and don't try keeping up with more experienced riders, thats how most people come unstuck. You'll get up to speed in next to no time.
    Safe riding
  14. Mel,

    I just picked up a brand new bike yesterday (VTR250) and I just do my thing, don't like the freeways for a few weeks til I get the feel of things. At 100k and a bit of a wind gust it sometimes gets a bit scary.

    My daughter (20) decided to sit on the bike and yep she dropped it before I had even taken it for ride, bent the hell out of the brake lever. So a new brake lever later and I was off.

    Live long - ride safe.... :D
  15. Congrats on the new bike fingz :)

    And stevethi I'd make her polish the bike next time it's dirty!
  16. Picked my bike up from Ferntree Gully at 4pm on a week night, and had to ride home to C0ckat00, in the rain, scared three fifths of everything out of me. Reckon I was doing about minus 15kph by the time I hit the twisties at Avonsleigh. Take your time, take it easy, and enjoy...
  17. Picked my bike up 5:30 on Friday in frankenstein, stinking hot, nervous as hell hadn't riden seriously in nearly 30 years. Took every backstreet I knew to Mordialloc

    Safe riding Fingz
  18. I had my XV250 delivered from Geelong to Werribee when I got it (no way I was going to try a 50km ride at that time!). Started out driving the local suburbs CRAZY - I used my first tank of fuel without getting out of the local area (or past about 50kph). First ride in the "big bad world" was pretty scary, but also kinda exhilarating too. When I tried to run the highways, I got escorts for the first run, then later in the day I rode home alone, no problems. Now, well, I only struggle with the lack of go in the 250, and the fact that the bike is WAAAY too small for me.

    Just take it easy, take it at YOUR pace, and you'll do fine. Enjoy this time - its the most fun you'll ever have with your current bike (until you upgrade...) - as you complete your run of "firsts".
  19. Hey Mel, congratulations on the bike. :D

    Sounds like you're getting there. Just take it at your own pace. I found high (freeway) speeds hard to achieve but eventually it is a non-issue. It just takes some getting used to. It's even enjoyable to ride fast now but it takes time to become comfortable.

    The L-plate can certainly be handy sometimes - just to let others know why you may / may not be doing something - but it can be a beacon for people to be d*#kheads to you too.

    Have a blast and safe riding. Might see you at coffee sometime. :)
  20. Eekk friday night coffee is still too daunting for me, when the time comes i'll definately take you up on the offer of an escort in.
    Can't wait for monday night coffee. Will definatley be there, you cant miss me, I'll be looking like an overly dressed marshmellow :LOL:
    Way back in 1995 I was lucky enough to enjoy four months of riding around on an old automatic postie bike, feeling the wind in my hair, no licence in those days, and no cars(overseas in a tiny tiny little town)
    the thrill was amazing, most of which has brought back a lot of memories, and the time i dropped in down a creek bank with no one in sight :oops: , anyway totally off topic but that amazing trip has given me fuel to finally get my L's and a dream come true, owning my own bike, taking my time and meeting a great bunch of people to share stories, ask for advice and talk about a passion thats in us all.
    .... NOMAD.... :D