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On the road again.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Clairebear, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. :grin:

    I picked up my replacement bike last night. Same make as before, I just upgraded her to a newer model! :LOL:

    Twisties here we come....
  2. Congrats on getting back on the road.
  3. No pics of new bike???

  4. Sorry. As I'm not a carpark poser, I don't have pics of my bike as yet. I've been too busy riding it. :p
  5. Well you made a post didn't you? Way to get us all excited. :mad:
  6. Claire, that was a nicely presented bike I saw last night. :)

    For the chain to be so worn out though, given the age of the bike, the previous owner/s must have been seriously crap at chain maintenance.

    See if the budget will stretch to front and rear sprockets as well as the chain... then learn to love your chain.

    Look forward to seeing you on the road! :)
  7. Here you go bear :wink:

  8. Thanks Rob. (the previous owner is a netrider! hopefully they don't read your post [-o< :LOL: )

    I've got her booked in this sat to get new sprockets, chain and front brakepads. When I get a bit more dough I'm going to put some sticky tyres on her too :grin:

    Thanks for the piccy Dougz :wink:
  9. Hey You stop hobbleing around on that busted foot of yours.
    Go sit in front of the play station and behave yourself.
    And more to the point stay away from Clairs bike. :LOL:
  10. Oh, so that squeaking noise was the chain.... :shock: I think I need to find some more love to spread around. Or maybe just more lube? :oops:
  11. Ah hah... I see someone has owned up!

    Betelgeuse, a spade is being called a spade... your chain maintenance sucked. Make sure you do a better job on your new bike! :p I can't fault the physical appearance though... you looked after the bike pretty well from that point. Very swish. :)

    When Claire replaces the sprockets and chain, it will ride like a new bike. :woot:

    [sermon] Keeping your chain lubed is not the mechanics job every 5/6000km... it's the owners job as often as they think about it or as per the owner's manual. If you choose not to bother much with the chain, then expect shelling out for replacements relatively often with a progressively crappier ride until you do. [/end sermon]
  12. sorry i missed you rocking up claire, glad to hear you are back on 2 wheels.
  13. Or in this instance a bloody shovel :LOL:

    Betelgeuse, have comfort in the fact that it's gone to a very loving home :grin:
  14. Thanks for fricken telling me NOW!! :oops:
  15. Hey At least your new Duc will benifit from this new knowledge :grin:
  16. Correct-a-mundo.
  17. LMAO! :LOL: I woulda told ya... all you had to do was ask! Why didn't ya call sol, why didn't ya call....?:grin:
  18. :oops: yes Sir...

    *goes back to God Of War 2 ...*:bolt:
  19. Claire, it will be good to see you back on the road.
    New bikes are all the rage atm :grin: