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On the Road Again

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by nodz, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. Well, I'm back on the road again, four weeks after going for a slide down the bitumen.
    Thanks to Mike at OCD Racing and Bond Girl for all your help.
    She's purring like a kitten and then going like a cut cat (the bike that is)

    Mike did an excellent job, I can't sing his praises and thank him enough.
    He gave me a quote and then shopped around when Honda told him a part was not available and on three weeks back order. He was able to get the part shipped from Sydney overnight and cheaper, the final bill came in $100 under the original quote and he passed it on to me.

    Thanks Mike for spending the time to get me on the road again and thanks Sue, I'll take you up on that offer to come with me for a ride sometime soon.
  2. Nodz, excellent news.
    Welcome back.
  3. Thanks G, I'll try to catch up for a ride soon...:LOL:
  4. Somebody had itchy feet and must have gone for a blast in the sunshine today - lucky 8)
  5. So the beast will be loitering in the carpark again I s'pose :D :D
  6. You beat me to it Chris.

    Thanks to Mike for getting me back on the road so quickly aswell.

    The bike has come up an absolute treat and is great to be back on the road.

    Had lots of people comment on how well it has come up on the weekend and have given out a few of your cards already.


    Another happy customer :)


  7. Yup, she'll be there. Like a new pin, except for the small mark on the exhaust. Time to line up for the licence test at some point too methinks.
  8. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing myself.

    After all these other people going in the last week, It has made me a bit more enthused... that and i've just got passed the 3 months today :)

  9. Great news guys that the Red Baron & The Flying Purple People Eater are back on the road again. We'll have to organise a group ride, Oh & I hear the guys & girls at MTA are looking forward to handing out more licences! Hey if I can get mine anyone can! It really is easier than the L"s test!
  10. Welcome back on the road nodz, hope to see you for a ride soonish.
  11. Wooooohooooo, rode to work this morning, on a complete high, haven't stopped talking since I got in, haven't done any work yet and I've been here an hour....mind you somedays I'm here eight hours and still don't do any work...:LOL:
  12. Welcome back, mate.
  13. Happy for you Nodz. Enjoy!!!

    :D :D
  14. well done nodz!--great to see you're back on the road, and totally happy with the repairs (a relatively rare thing nowadays)
    happy riding! :biker:
  15. Thanks Mel. Been riding as much as possible. Mike at OCD did a great job.
  16. I hear this is normal & your subordinates keep knocking on the window & telling you to get off netrider & back to work! pmsl!
  17. Yes Sue, I know you've been talking to Ratty. It's great when you're the boss...:LOL:
  18. Good to hear your back in the swing of things.

    If you don't mind, I might be keen for a ride when you guys go.