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On the road again.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. (Hums along with Willie)
    As most of you would know, the last 8 months or more has been rather fraught, with the illness and passing of my mother-in-law, managing my wife's grieving, buying half her house from my wife's brother (after 40 years of renting), moving house, and sorting 40 years of stuff that we have accumulated being just part of the daily expectations. In all this process I have ridden the bike probably three or four times at the most, and have been reduced to starting it up regularly just to make sure the battery is still ok. What rides I have done have been local only, and have been against the background of the many distractions listed above.
    So last Sunday, with the garage pretty right, the house in order and life settling down to its new vistas, I decided to 'do the Putty'!
    I can't remember when I've enjoyed a ride more, at least recently. Maybe I needed a break, because everything felt fresh and exciting, and unlike my usual funereal pace, I was able to push along at a brisk rate.
    AND, having strained my back while moving, and having thought that the ride would aggravate it, in fact I came home with it feeling better than it had for a few months!
    So, more riding is called for:).

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  2. i know how you feel, ive been off the bike for 6 months... and due to get the permission back next week.
    although the reasons behind are different (and with my condolences), i still miss having Kendra between my legs
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  3. So pleased to read you got out for a ride, it sounds like it has been a busy and stressful time for you of recent months, it's great to see you have managed to take a little "me" time again finally. Long may that continue! :)
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  4. You old hoon
  5. Guilty as charged :LOL:.
  6. Sorry Hornet, I am going to be an injury terminology Nazi at this point. I am not a physiotherapist.

    If your back felt better after using it you probably didn't 'strain' it (strain implies an actual injury where a muscle or tendon actually tears), more likely something got tight and inflamed and put pressure on a nerve which causes pain. You probably just need to move it more and get a good deep release massage.

    In severe cases this can have your back cramping immediately when you try to move at all, so you can't move even though you need to. So, you end up with a portable tens machine to make the muscles move.

    This is what most back pain actually is. It's what Norm had on the old 'Right down there in me lower back, I get this kinda ooooohhh' ad.
  7. I like the sound of the massage, do they become addictive :LOL:

    Yes, I was a bit careless with my terminology. As the time from the stresses of the move gets longer the old back is feeling better, but this is the only time I've had back problems of any sort in my 60+ years so you can appreciate my concerns.....
  8. Congratulations Paul on the new roof and remembering to ride. I know the feeling getting on the bike after some time off is just the best feeling.
    Do it again soon hey.
  9. How great to hear from you again! And thanks for the good wishes.