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On the mend... again...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Tils, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. On december 11, i was riding home from the movies, and i came upon a head on collision on black top hill rd near one tree hill. I stopped to render assistance, but before i removed my helmet, I got hit from behind by a car, which sent me into the air and into the path of another car doing 80k's or more- this was a 100 zone.
    I was quite a mess, but conscious for the next 40 mins.
    To cut a long story short, my right hip joint got wrecked, left ankle smashed, diaphragm ruptured and my stomach ended up in my chest cavity, broken ribs, punctured and collapsed lung, torn aorta, severed main artery to leg, and nerve damage here and there.
    Docs told my family i was unlikely to make it during the first week or so, I spent the first few weeks of my stay in hospital in an induced coma.
    I just got out. I'm stuck in a wheel chair for a few more months, and I'll eventually be able to walk again but I'll need a hip replacement in the not so distant future.
    Glad to be out of hospital and more over- ALIVE.
    I'd like to see drivers of cages be more attentive.
    End rant,
    Catch ya... :)

  2. :shock: :shock: :shock:

    I'm glad you can smile about it :shock:.

    Has anyone yet been questioned/prosecuted, and what is the insurance position??

    Please keep us posted, and yell if you need something.....
  3. Damn. Well, at least you were wearing a helmet!!!

    So what happened with the car that hit you and the head on?
  4. The police are still conducting their investigation, so I don't know about the drivers of the cars that hit me. The kid driving the Lancer died passenger survived, the people in the magna survived.
    Cheers mate.

    Funny thing is tho- my bike's fine... :shock:
  5. :eek: :shock:

    i can't get over the fact that you stopped to rendering assistance and end up in a coma... To me, it seems like a miracle from a near-death experience... someone must be looking down in favor [-o< [-o<
    all the best for a full and speedy recovery :grin:
  6. Well, at least the bike was fine. :p. and at least I assume you were still wearing your safety gear, so that definitely counts. :cool:

    Speaking of pushing for mandatory motorcycle helmets for pedestrians... :p
  7. Once again, everyone who believes in karma and likes to tell other people about it can go chew on some razorblades.

    Cool you're on the mend, Tils.
    Ya know Prince is getting a hip replacement soon? They must be cool!
  8. :shock:
    One lucky fella Tils.
    Call it luck, divine intervention, whatever it was, I am glad you are
    on the mend ..
    Good Luck and wishing you a speedy recovery :wink:
  9. holy crap!!!
    i know that road, man you're lucky you survived!
  10. Cheeses mate!...you survived all THAT!...Bloody good on ya for hanging in there despite everyone else seeming best attempts too try and kill you.

    I hope you get back to your original self, or close to it, asap.

    My hats off to you. :wink:
  11. Wow, ow, hope you heal quick because that totally sucks. Glad you still
    had your helmet on though, I guess you probably feel the same way.

    I guess it reinforces the thing they always taught me in 1st aid class, BEFORE you help, even if people are screaming and its urgent,
    _make the scene safe_. I don't know the road there and from the
    sound of things you didn't even get a chance to raise your eyebrows,
    let alone park your bike at an appropriate distance with the hazard lights on, but I'm glad you're still alive. [side note - not many bikes have
    hazard lights these days but I reckon it's a REALLY important feature]

    Thanks for your description, it is a horrible thing to happen to you.
    I will tell my friends so that they might avoid the
    same thing... I think in general many motorcyclists (including most
    of the dedicated regulars) are quite aware of the concept and if
    there is a bike 'off' on a popular set of twisties, within 30seconds there
    is usually a rider or three at the previous corners motioning a warning
    to traffic to slow down, as some of the others retrieve the bike and
    others help the downed rider.

    However we are all at risk of accidents being either the crasher
    or crashee as it is human nature to look at a crash scene and not
    where you are actually going as one drives past. It is an advanced
    skill, and a necessary one, to force oneself to tear ones eyes away from
    the tragedy and watch ahead so as not to make another tragedy.

    Do you need a bunch of bike magazines/dvds/etc to while away the
    time during your recovery? PM a postal address...
  12. Yeah- hip replacements are teh coolest! :S
    I was off the road in the gravel when i got hit, just to clear things up- I'm waiting for the police to do their bit so I can find out what exactly happened... Made the news tho- my bikes famous, I'll change the graphics to "NEWSISTAR" :wink:
    My fancy new set of wheels...

    I kinda was into the whole karma thing- but this changed things a tad.
    Thanks Hotcam. Will do.[/img]
  13. damn tils!! thats fuggin CRAZY!! at the end of the day you are lucky to be alive! all the best with your recovery mate. At least you have a cool set of wheels to scoot round on hey, that wheelchair is pimp!
  14. Heres hoping for a speedy recovery,
    Must make you appreciate life a lot more.

    Get wel soon

  15. jesus mate, to think u were bein nice enough 2 stop and help then end up in the situation you are and still hav such a positive attitude on life, ur a dead set champion mate! wish u nothin but a speedy recovery and good luck from now on!
  16. jeebus, ur a lucky son of a gun
    hope u have a speedy recovery
  17. Don't I know it...
    Got weighed- I've lost 20kg... :shock:
    i weighed 75 before... do the math and imagine a guy that weight at over 6 foot. hmmmm. not happy.
    Now I've been told to eat all the junk food I want. The up side. :grin:
  18. I've got a spare 20kg I can give ya! :LOL:
  19. :shock:
    You're alive?? Sheesh! Amazing... Glad you made it .. Sorry, kinda speechless after that.
  20. Shit man good to see you survived that, I can't figure out if your really lucky, or really unlucky! If there is anything you need shoot me a PM, i'd be happy to help out where I can, (I'm not wipin ya bum though!). All the best with ya recovery.