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On the lookout for a Trackie

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by CFVFR, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I've only done a couple of track days at the Island and have had soo much fun that I want to have a dedicated track day bike.

    Without spending the big dollars, what and where is the best place to look?

    I've tried e-scam!! and looking at the bike auctions. Has anyone actually bought from the auctions with a 'repairable write-off'. Guess I'd be in for some moolah to fix up?

    I dont care about cosmetic damage and want to get something above the 600cc mark. And below the $2500-3000 range. Is it do-able?

    Any suggestions fellas?

    Many thanks.

  2. Wow!!

    Great site and thanks mate.

  3. I've bought both my track bikes from the auction. No regrets on either purchase.
  4. Which auction house? What bikes? and a rough idea of cost. Did you have to fix them up?

    I know, questions questions.....what can I say? I'm an inquisitive b'stard,

    Cheers Triway,

  5. i too am in the same boat.

    from my research, the auctions are the best bang for buck, if you can spot what needs repairing.

    another is ebay, believe it or not! there's an rgv250 track bike on there now, buy-it-now for $2800! race glass, rebuilt motor, etc. considered it but being as tall as i am, i wouldn't fit on it. the benifit of ebay is you can go and look at the bike, test ride it, etc, then go home and bid on it. unlike the auction houses.

    also, used motorcycles are coming down in price if you look in the late 90's, early 00's. early R6's go for around $5k, and R1's for a couple grand more.

    lastly, you should decide what u want from a track bike first. will it be soley track focused (no road gear on it), or will you keep it registered thus allowing you to enter the HRCA ride days (yes i saw you at the track 2 fridays ago :grin: bike sounds good btw).

    so, lots to think about.
  6. Both my track bikes were bought from Fowles in Melbourne.

    They were both repairable write off bikes. They both had only cosmetic damage to plastics, guages etc. Perfect, as i knew I needed to put race glass on anyway. One needed a wheel straightened. Both of mine were a bit above your budget, as they were later model bikes (600K5 & 1000K7).

    Would absolutely say this is the best way to go for a dedicated trackie.

    But, you need to be patient. I went probably 5 mths in a row(bikes are auctioned only once each month) waiting for the right bike at the right price. Too often the right bike is there but homeboy wants to pay as much as he could buy one at the shop! Dumbass......

    Be patient and know what you want and how much you are willing to spend, and STICK TO IT!.

    Also check out www.graysonline.com.au some deals on there occasionally.(read-NOW!)
  7. I bought my trackie for $2000. It was a rough road bike.

    Its probably going to cost me $5000 to get it running well, including the purchase price. I could do it cheaper but if I'm gonna be doing 200KPH+ speeds on it I dont want to skimp on anything, plus I'll race it in PCRA next year if all goes well.
  8. Keep an eye out for ex race bikes. They're fully set up, and often come cheap with extra wheels, stands, stacks of tyres, warmers, etc etc etc.
  9. You need one of them yerself, bloke.
  10. True, but a budget closer to $10k is more likely needed for them.
  11. 2-3k is really tight budget. mostly happens when you buy them from the back of a truck. unless they are 250s

    while fun, 250 dont make the most exciting race bikes
  12. yep with 2-3k you will have to wait and have a look around but it can be done and on the track for under 3k ( i know as i have done so, 600cc) aswell :grin:
  13. This bad boy on our very own NR site would be a bloody HOOT as a tracky :grin:
  14. 400racing.com.au

    Might be a bit out of your budget but that's likely where i'll be getting my trackie. I was thinking of going smaller but I've heard that 400 racing is really popular and not too expensive to get into.
  15. RGV250 would be an excellent trackie.

    As long as you dont mind getting your hands dirty, they can be picked up pretty cheap, if you can ride one of those to the limit you will be doing very well.