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On the hunt for my first bike.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by lilmav80, May 6, 2007.

  1. Hi all, I have just joined today, but have been watching the site for a few weeks now.
    I have wanted to get my bike licence since I was 16 and am now 26 and about to get it. I have been searching the net trying to get the best idea for my first bike.
    From the info I have found it sounds like I will be dropping my first bike at some stage so for the reason I dont want to spend too much ($3500 approx.) I also have had virtually no riding experience expect for being a pillion with my dad.
    From what I can gather a Honda CB or Suzuki Across seem to be two good choices. Would I be correct in saying this????
    I also like the Honda NSR125 but I not sure about the size as I am 6'4'. Would this bike be too small?? Also is it a good idea to start on a 2 stroke, with no riding experience??

    I think I have posed enough questions. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

  2. Best bet, go and park your can on a few different bikes.

    And welcome!
  3. nah, they're both shit! get a spada ;):LOL: :)

    oh, you had to be there :LOL: :)

    welcome to NR.
  4. The NSR is too small for you. Two smokes can be fun, but are higher maintenance and more pedantic than 4 strokes. They like to burn expensive synthetic oils and can cost quite a bit in comparison to 4 strokes.
    In some states things like RGV250 are not learner legal. An across, or a GPX/ZZR250 may suit you better at your height, but you will have to go sit on a few models to see what feels best.
  5. Geez guys thanks for the promt replys.
  6. Hey there and welcome

    I am only 5'9 and I ride a CBR250RR which has a restricted seat, being that the pillion seat is raised from the rider position so you are stuck in 1 position, whereas for someone like you you'd want the freedom to stretch out.

    You'll lose a bit of power (moot point on a 250 but hey) but a GPX might be the best option as it has a elongated seat that you could easily slide back on to stretch out i'd say.

    Go and ride a couple, that's the only way you're going to know.

    Good luck and stay upright.
  7. im 192cm (6'3") and fit on a bandit pretty well. You should be able to pick up an older one for that price.
  8. I just bought my friend who just got her learners a Honda cd250u. It's not fast, and I ride a cbr900 and a bandit1200, but boy is it fun. Everytime I get on the thing I have a ball and everyone on the road notices you, which is probably a very good thing. It is also quite low to the ground and light which means you can plant your feet quite firmly and get out of trouble pretty quickly and easily. AND and I mean AND chicks think they're cool. :wink:
    For mucking about in traffic and in the city a cd-u is the thing.
    Safe riding.

    Read it all. CLick on the other Netrider thread links that are within it. Read them as well.

    Good luck
  10. The other option for real tall blokes is a road/trail bike. They're very tall, and while not ideal for long tours they're about as much fun as you can have on two wheels around the city.