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On the GS

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Rabbito, May 13, 2010.

  1. #1 Rabbito, May 13, 2010
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    A quick run towards Flinders..seeing how the camera mount holds up...and a play with Adobe Premier..getting the hang of both...now bring on the sun!

  2. Oh cool :D Great shots!
  3. Love riding in those parts. Great footage of an awesome stretch of road and some cool pics also. My first bike was the black/silver GS500F - nice bike mate :)
    In fact, I reckon I've seen you riding around Mornington, unless there's heaps of others with the same bike.
  4. Awsome video...
    Have same bike and I ride down to Flinders for a coffee and fruit bread served with honey and yoghurt a few times a month. love it.
  5. Maybe I've seen you both, joedelosa, as I enjoy riding down those parts of Melbourne as often as I can (weather pending mostly..oh, and WHEN I'm Dunnunda!).
    Seeya out there sometime.
  6. If you go to Flinders stop at the shops at the Roundabout..look for the sign that says 'world biggest and best vanilla slice' 5 bucks buys..well the world biggest and best slice of the worlds biggest and best vanilla slice!
    BTW nickers..mines the GS with blue rim tape (now)
  7. I'll look out for it mate ;)
    Have been past the Flinders pub/cafe heaps of times but never stopped (makes more sense to keep turning and burning when riding alone) but definitely plan on stopping over sometime during a group ride.
    My sister lives in Mount Martha/Mornington and twin bro (who rides as well, Netrider member) just bought in Mount Eliza.
    Time for me to buy down there as well, methinks ! I'll definitely be seeing you guys down there in the very near future...make sure you nod to a black clothed rider on a black/gold bling late model R1 ;)
  8. I always nods a greeting :)