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On the fritz

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by barnacle, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. Hey dudes and dudettes, so my ol' yamaha zeals gone abit funny. After cruising down the road abit when stopped the idle goes down till nearly cutting out sometimes stalling, give it a few secs and it picks back up. Also gets abit farty whilst going along smoothly, posibly dropping a cylinder at times. Seems to be starving its fuel, but noting its fine and full of power when you floor it. Going to pull it apart and go through the air fuel spark compression combo on monday. Though ide touch base here and see if the gang have any thoughts on a likely culprit. If I have to start driving in sydney again I think ill give up on life and start breeding hamsters in the bathroom. If anyone has any details on the nutritional value of hamsters that could be usefull too.

  2. Hamsters are cophrophages so eat their own feces so I doubt if they would be good eating. ;)

    Re the Zeal,
    • Bad fuel have you picked up fuel from a dodgy petrol station.
    • Water in the fuel, dump some metho in the tank to absorb any water.
    • Sticky floats, maybe the bowls arem't filling properly, has the bike sat for a while unused?
  3. there is other things you can do with hamsters,
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  4. Sitting at 90-100 my zzr would lean out to a stall. Airlock in the fuel filter was culprit. Changed fuel filter to a smaller model fixed this.
  5. Yeah I get dodgy fuel from time to time. I ran it dry and gave it a new half tank, didnt go whole hog with an acetone wash or anything( water does get in through the cap every now n then). Doesnt sit though, run it everyday. Gave the bowls a wash when I revived it from a friend garage/tome a few years back, should be good, but the whole carb was pretty sticky.
  6. Yeah I do have abit of a leak around the fuelcock if you dont set it just the right place (gotta match up a new o ring one of these days). Could of let a few bubles down the line. Like your thinking.
  7. On my wife's Zeal, we found the fuel line itself had some gunk in it and restricting flow when small fuel pressure was required.
  8. Just read it again, what do you mean by a bit farty? Dropping revs at idle tends to mean rich I think, revs hanging high indicates lean idle.
  9. You know that sort of wipper snipper noise when then fuel gets low or snag up the wire on something, goes from a usual "wir" to a throaty irregular "boorrr". Power drops out with it. If that makes sense at all.
  10. Hmm yeah, ill give them a blow out. See how deteriated they might be. Good call.
  11. Oh boy, so I did a bit of work the past few evenings. Compression a nd fuel and spark. Came home after work a pulled off the carby for a bit of cleaning. Had a gander down the intake and lo and behold there was a little pool of green liquid sitting ontop of the closed intake valve :(. This may just be the end. Have to take the top off an have a look around on the weekend.
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  12. Okay so considering the cost of fixing a tiny four pot. And the price of a zeal. What are peoples thoughts of filling my coolent with k seal and trying to get one more summer of happiness out of the old girl.
  13. If it's just a gasket, it shouldn't be that expensive to fix, provided you do it yourself. If you've scored or cracked a head, then you might need to consider other options.
  14. Yeah ill have to double check to be sure, but if its collecting on top of the valves it shouldnt be the head gasket. Unless people think there could be some blowback?
  15. Actually, good point. I'll go away now. . . .